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Just a side comic. Not really anything to do with whats going on right now, but a little something to submit for now while I work on the next page.
aklsdfjalskdj poor sweety haha <333
I will show more of it soon, but Ilias lives in a little hut with his family u H u sorry its js a little blurb here but i will show more in the next couple pages ye
Sorry Guys!
Life has been a little chaotic lately, but I am getting back on track now!! Here's a little page of some of the characters you'll be meeting in the future!
Incase anyone is interested : I have a tumblr set up for this comic. For updates, and perhaps spoilers, and other art of these characters (it's still a work in progress though haha :
@Sakuraba Eiri: omg thank you so much ;;;; you are so kind //cling
@Scarce Rose: Whispers I cant tell you, but I can finish up some more pages to show you haha
@yellowberry: I'll be posting the next page today! <33 omg thank you so much !!
This is the cutest comic I've ever seen help <3 ah my heart asldkjfalskdjf <333
October 12th, 2013 uh Drew a fanart of Cook, Romi, and Miro
Hello man ! Sorry had to comment something haha felt the need
oops there I am haha
This sounds like it will be a great story! Cant wait to read more <3
It looks really good! Very interesting so far ! Great job!