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Dude. Dynamic hand-holding. I missed this comic, you know?
Love for you... too great... for words.

But my love for Trish isn't. There's the word:


It's in the dictionary. Right after 'facetious'.

Look it up.
Oooo! What lucky girl won the lottery?

...Watch it turn out to be a completely platonic thing. <3 Instant social skills fail us!
Teehee ^^; I've also been reading all day. I'll be really happy when I can find out about the Richard/Henry history!
September 15th, 2007
Um. Am I the only that sees a problem in the entire concept of pushing for sex when Henry repeatedly says no - and then promising rape?
September 15th, 2007

"thinking about H thing? ->"

...That's the best thing EVER.

Love the comic so far... trying to catch up!
I like Cho... she has a cute shirt, and her necklaces are nice. (I don't really have much else to go on...!)
Well, I can't say that I'm glad it's over. But, if that's how you feel about the popularity, I'll respect your decision.

Heh, it sure was a wild ride, though, right?
...Oooooooh my goooooooood....
You are AWESOME.
...He looks violent.

And therefore awesome.
I like Josh. All of his expressions are variations of 'blank'. And... the way he's drawn makes him look... harsh. Or simple. You know, without pretense. Or something. I don't know what I mean. I like him, though. Maybe even a little better than Metis.
Metis' all-black makes me laugh. Mostly because I've been a techie backstage of a performance before, and at least partly because he's supposed to be emo and this is really the first time that we've seen him in all black.

Five bucks says that the clopping is Josh. An additional hopeful two say that he's come to profess his mancrush. <3 Gods, but I love this artwork~
Dom will REALLY cut himself now.
In the lips.
As in, completely off.
Is he still wildly and inexplicably in love with Kitty after that little trauma?
Argh, the... the neko-boy, don't ask me to remember his name (I don't think Dom can, either ^^) the way his eyes are so slanted... it's effing hilarious. Makes him look like an alien. Especially when they's so shoujo and round! (sixth panel).
I love Dom's WTF?? look when the obligatory arousal happens. <3
Ack. That is going to give Metis an ulcer or something... Or earn Charles a right smack upside the head. There is no shortage of those going around <3 Love the comic!
I need to say that now.

"I'm not coming to your funeral."

...Yes. That is of the good.
It's rhymin' time!
That... is a good title. Yes, a very good title. I'm a yaoi/BL/shounen ai fan myself, but Lord knows that the entire fanbase is what happens when cousins marry. I'm looking for a short drop and a sudden stop on this one.

I hope to less than three this for a long time, of course. ( 'less than three' = <3 )
Hah! I just started reading today - did you know that this is at the top of the list when you search for "boys love" and list in order of hotness? It's well-placed. ...I actually like Jade. You know, as far as I can like a seme who is still in the second-grader stage of teasing the (girl?) he likes. Haha! Keep it up!