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shaggy?supp yall
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did this on the computer if youre a paint or paint shop pro artist you can use diffrent tools to make theese yo be sure to comment havent been getting any comments or constructive critisizm eh well enjoy draw me some fan art what eves
lol ive seen a show like this
cept all the people in it were pussies and never punched ashton kutcher
nother disclaimer
this joke was brought up by my freind justin im not racist towards asians or any one except those damn green people
tippity tappity
thats alex stanly for ya poor 2 dollar bill though
and that kids is called ...
fucking up someones ego tappity tappity tap tap
right in the sack
testicals blaaaaaaaaah
face the musical
this is what happens when you try to start bar fights
funny comic keep up the good work guys