Realm Of Lost Things
Realm of Lost things is a collaborative effort of a group of artists self-named "Team Moose". The team consists of the following members:

Jorry "Jenjo" Keith: Artist/writer
Grindylowe: Head Writer
Emily Brigolin: Writer/Content editor
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    Realm Of Lost Things
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C'mon guys, the girl just wants to eat her soup.

In case you guys are interested, ROLT hit 600 followers on Tumblr and am opening the Rolt-comic tumblr for a limited number of asks! You can ask something about the creators or the story and we will answer it with a lovely digital painting created specifically for the ask by the artist herself! I'm excited to see what you guys think of the comic and what questions you may have as we continue to unravel the mysteries of the Manta!

Thank you for reading!
She's so cute!
Two pages today! Will post the next one in the afternoon.
This was last week's page. New page coming this Saturday too! The Rolt-Comic Tumblr posts every Friday also!
Those bottom two panels sum up this comic's update status so hard, haha. Seriously, I appreciate you guys for sticking around!
Can I just say that I REALLY love drawing Atticus' ears? Like he's by far the most complex character in ROLT, but it's so satisfying to me to see him int he comic with those floofy ears.
New page every week!
Didn't get to update here yesterday, but pages will start going up every Friday!
I know it's been a long time and I thank you guys that stuck around. I've got a few months of pages done as buffer so there won't be any more interruptions till the end of the chapter, which will be an entire 24 + pages of ROLT goodness.
@Guest X: Oh, that's strange! I can't see it on my side, perhaps it happened during site maintenance. Thank you for letting me know, i'll keep an eye on the page.
@Andy P.: It is an island, but as far as travelling... well you guys will learn a bit more in the second chapter
Okay we have the final page for chapter one!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun new years, filled with drink and merry good times. Wondercon is around the corner and I have another comic that needs to be completed in February so I can send it to print. After the Chapter two title page there will be a break so I can focus on "SEAFOAM". ROLT should continue mid April.

In the meantime there will be doodles and concepts posted on the ROLT Tumblrs so feel free to stop by, drop an ask or just check out the art.

This year is going to be amazing and I just wanted to say I appreciate everyone who has stopped by to read this comic. It is very dear to my heart and it warms it to see that you guys are enjoying it.
Tis the season of getting sick. Seriously, take care of yourselves guys
I had a lot of fun with this page
My computer had to go into the shop, but i'm back! Six more pages and chapter one is COMPLETE
@EclipseTC: It's a CENSORfish *rimshot*
And the plot thickens. Dun dun duuun
Okay... took a little longer than I expected to start posting again because my appendix tried to kill me. IF you've ever had your appendix removed then I now feel your pain.

Going to try and knock some more pages out so I can go back to regular updates!
And the first arc shall begin
Another look into the Manta life <3 Really happy with this page, because backgrounds give me the most trouble and take the longest to complete.

Alsoooo my boyfriend was kind enough to teach me basic html so I can make web pages from scratch now so i'm working on getting a character page up woohoo! Keep your eyes out for that