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Um I love reading my fave books are Percy Jackson, Time Riders, rangers Apprentice, The Cane Cronicals, and The Beyonders. I am still in school, um I have a 20 year old sister who annoys the crap out of me... I guess that's all!
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If they die...
Max will be alone with Dave he will forever the weird kid who has imaginary friends!
Don't Die!
They can't die! That would be horrible, but Clearence turning into an enforcer is worse!
What's it going to be!?!? Don't be there, be there, UGGG! I can't decide which I want! Ack! This comic is so awesome I love it!
Dude she is ur twin
U can't hide it from her! She will be so pissed when she finds out...
@Novanto: do the enforcers go to Tartarus when they are killed?!?
@Novanto: that makes sence
@Novanto: totally wait just look at my other comment
Wait a sec what about the first spirit too!
Or did those people make him mad or were the bad people
Good point
@Novanto: if the wraiths and enforcers are previous ghosts and phantoms, how did the first one come along...?
Holly $#|+ that looks horrible! (Not the comic of corse that's awesome!) poor Clearance! That must hurt
Wait a sec
Did Dave watch Danny phantom!!!!????!!!!???? If he did he is absolutely awesome!!! I love Danny phantom! It is so awesome! Seriously, poor Danny he has insane parents that want to kill ghosts and he is part ghost it dose not get any better than that!
Poor Clearence I mean his hand must hurt! And poor max because every body thinks he has imaginary friends and I also can't tell if that boyfriend comment was directed at Dave or Clearence but dose it matter because it's still mean
Love Clearence and Clara!
They are just at the point ware they back away slowly 🚶-->
Awesome 5th panel
I like Clearance in the 5th panel because he is acting like a germafobe and is scooting away slowly
Poor max
Wow it goes from supper serious to a sneez that was so un expected! Poor Clearence too because he might get sick on top of a enforcer bite!
@MannyKat8x: ya that panel is awesome I like how he is just like what?!? What did I do? Or what do you think? Like he is asking the dog what to do. It is also a good drawing it really shows what he is thinking.
Why!!! CLEARENCE! He can't die! Jhgjygjygjygutfutfutvuguyvuvjjtvjtvutvutvutvutvjtt!
Wow frank we all know the evil bugger you are why do this to poor max! HE IS EVIL I TELL YOU MAX! DONT TRUST HIM!!!!!!
Max no matter how tempting it is you can't trust this creep who filed his teeth!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 don't do it!