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I'm just some one who enjoys writing up stories and drawing them, I aspire to one day be a videogame designer, my biggest role models are Keiji Inafune, Shigeru Miyamoto and Gunpei Yokoi, I love Nintendo and my favorite series are Megaman, Ace Attorney and Zelda.
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    Diego Andres Martinez
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@A Kid Named Ness: Hello!! I am actually glad you asked!^^ thanks for showing interest, I am actually currently working on the next pages of this comic at the moment, I do plan on fisnishing it. in the meantime I am uploading the pages I'd uploaded here to deviantart, when I finish catching up in there I will start submitting the new pages, so yes! there is a chance for updates :)
A BIG APOLOGY FOR TAKING SO LONG, I'm gonna try to upload this far more frequently now and try to make it better
@GraciaWarrior: IM SORRY! I'm gonna get on it, I just had gotten real busy with school stuff! right now I just finished moving and I'm just waiting for my internet to get installed, I promise as soon as my internet is up I will resume uploading this comic, probably not that much actively but I do want to at least finish it, please forgive me :c
@GraciaWarrior: Oh, I did it by myself, you could say I only borrowed the names of the characters and the concept, but everything else was made by me :)
@GraciaWarrior: hmmm, I'm not sure if I understand the question, but I want to answer it, I'm sorry but could you reformulate it please? :)
@GraciaWarrior: It is not my intention to make the updates this far from each other, but I've been having some issues lately with some things from school which I hope can be resolved soon :c I really love you guys and I want to continue this comic as soon as I can I DEEPLY APOLOGIZE
@OkiniFan: No probs :) sorry for not making it very clear ^^' I'm kinda trying to mix revenge of the king with the original game
@OkiniFan: actually...
@Koopario: Kirby music is just the best, isn't it? XD
@Luigi_96: Wait 100 fans wha-- WOAH, I HADN'T NOTICED!! thanks!! XD
I originally didn't plan to take this long on uploading this page, sorry about that, hopefully I won't have as much irregularities in the future :I
@DeeBert: I'm sorry, they landed on a whale and the whale sent them flying, I just haven't fell good emotionally lately u-u so that's why maybe the pages aren't all that well thought lately, and I apologize, hopefully I will feel better and give you guys the comic you deserv ^^
@Luigi_96: she does indeed, she needs 2 lern 2 english
School Trip
Before anything I'm sorry for the kind of lack on quality in some of these pages UnU, the thing is I'm going on a school trip this wednesday, yet I feel as if I have already left this comic on a hiatus for a lot of time, so I decided to let the auto upload system in SmackJeeves do the work for me, this page and Friday's page will upload automatically, I'll come back Sunday night so I may not reply to any comment on the meantime, regardless of that, do feel free to leave comments if you'd like ^^

"Who is that brute in that one panel?"

He's a character that, if I decided to do the Kirby's Adventure arc, will come back later ;)
@Person12: Yes I relly do, like, ALOT ;A; I'll get to it one day... hopefully
My bad
@witswithme: Sorry, I thought it was easy to confuse who was who so I tought you meant name-wise ^^', thanks to @Blue Kirby the l33t: for answering for me
@Anonymous: Hopefully this tuesday I'm back, sorry that I always take 2 weeks UnU, next time I'll try to prepare something so I can hold the comic without leaving you guys without updates, I'm REALLY sorry for taking so long. :I
@witswithme: @Luigi_96:
Thanks both of you ^^, I'll try to be back ASAP
Well damn, exams week is here THE SAME WEEK SMASH COMES OUT DAMMI, I'll take a week or two hiatus because due to some problem at my school my exams are worth double the points u.u, I'll be avalaible for any comments, questions or critiques you wanna give or ask me, so if you want to go on ahead :) hope to see you guys soon, love ya all and thanks for your support ^^ - Diego "drivojunior"