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@Extremmefan: I noticed that too
What do you mean with Week of AGDQ and of SGDQ in your scheduled days off?
What is Chiyo's dad doing in LOZ?
So far this comic is pretty good
Wait if the final event is only for those who haven't participated yet, what is Bugs doing there? He was the baseball player for the Pixels.
So Lerhling is German for student, right?
My theory is that both Toadman and General Joe X received the same amount of power and that we're seeing the original differences in their specs.
I don't think floir is a real word
Shouldn't it be ladies and gentleman instead of gentleman?
They're foundations should have been their foundations
I'm betting that arm is cybernetic
Flip the screen to the left and then to the left again.
@MannyKat8x (mobile): I was too sure since when I read that page the Caucasian to peachy switch had already happened
Sounds a lot like dreamselves except for the time part
Yep, definitely Homestuck references in this comic
@MannyKat8x: Was the alt text meant to be a Homestuck reference?
I smell a Decoy
The image doesn't work for me
This page as been uploaded twice as 1366 and as 1367
I suspected Cliff had been in touch with the cup, but this? Not sure I believe the king.

> Talk with other prisoners