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Shouldn't it be ladies and gentleman instead of gentleman?
They're foundations should have been their foundations
I'm betting that arm is cybernetic
Flip the screen to the left and then to the left again.
@MannyKat8x (mobile): I was too sure since when I read that page the Caucasian to peachy switch had already happened
@MannyKat8x Wait since time is 4 times as fast and measured in 4s wouldn't 4 cycles be 16 BZ hours? 4 x 4 = 16 after all
Sounds a lot like dreamselves except for the time part
Yep, definitely Homestuck references in this comic
@MannyKat8x: Was the alt text meant to be a Homestuck reference?
I smell a Decoy
The image doesn't work for me
This page as been uploaded twice as 1366 and as 1367
I suspected Cliff had been in touch with the cup, but this? Not sure I believe the king.

> Talk with other prisoners
How come there are only 45 comics all off a sudden, did you reboot or something?
@Lazy Nekotive: You're not the only one.
*raises both hands and feet*
oh yeah chemo sucks,I had to go through it in 2013, got the news literally two days before my birthday.
I see you've included two running gags (technically though one is more of a pun) in your comic
Okay, I don't get the Eva Destruction joke.