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The posters...
It seems Arya has standards!
Love Zuko's expression in that last panel.
Have not read the comments... but I'd just like to say that I'm really really really hoping that DT hangs on long enough to take a chunk of tail with her when that big lump of muscle shakes her off. Mokepon seems to be just barely within the realm of settings where this would be an acceptable plot event... even if it isn't shown. I imagine that would drastically change the mood of the battle, battlers and crowd.
@RazorD9: Then again, that's only really considered a thing in America, not pretty much the entire rest of the world.
A worthy cause! I hope to be on time this year!
I think I need to re-play the Gen 2 games. It has been... more than a few years, and I really don't remember much of them at all. Was more of a 1st & 3rd gen person (and eventually 6th).
Love the nonchalant way the Boss treats the whole thing.
@Christopher: Actually, I believe it is the same elf that wandered into the non-magic world, somehow ended up on The List and was then saved by Steve from Sally who was working that day.
@Nemo Curat: Sounds about right to me! I suspect he'll be hanging onto it for a bit longer though.
Thank you both for your replies. (I did read the first one to roll in quite quickly, but haven't been keeping up with my email and such after)
@EmilyAnnCoons I'm definitely interested. Maybe I'll take a peek at that story some time, but for now I've got enough (just shy of "too much" as usual, but I can shirk a lot of it presently) to keep me busy for now.
@Samsatus I'm pretty sure that I understand that a lot better than I should. I'm not too good at finishing projects(not implying anything here, stating my own flaw only), nor am I good with organising my tasks into a schedule.
What is her problem with honesty?!!! She reads so much yet she apparently hasn't come across any stories about how horribly things go wrong when you try to lie constantly?
Glad someone posted, saved me looking it up. Not a phrase I hear locally...

So many chapters to catch up on! Came here from Mokepon, finally.
So can we have some indication as to what the update situation is? It has been a while and I haven't seen any word here at the comic. If there are delays, troubles, outright disasters, it would be nice to have a short note to say things are in the way of the comic and any possible ETA for the next update. I'm hoping I don't sound entitled here, as I'm mostly just feeling a little curious whether this comic should stay on the "check whenever you remember you read comics" list or the slightly longer-between-checks-for-updates list.
Floating weapon pods would be great about here... (Weapons Platforms)
@Thanatos-Zero: Cue the cut to a new scene!
@ae0n: I presume the second half of that sentence was directed to Sir Mauls-a-lot.
I've been wondering what it would think of Steve's shadow since that big crystal broke... Time to find out!