I didn't realise that I completely forgot to upload this page! And it's the end of chapter one of all things!!! I'm so sorry for only uploading it until now, school and Magical How? has distracted me from doing a proper job on Heroic Villain. The next chapter won't be out for a while, so please bear with me!
January 15th, 2017
@M-24: Only the cheesiest!
Ye Jura keep crushing those nuts! >8UUU
Now on sparkler!
October 13th, 2015
debuts in december
Hey guys! Magical How? will be moving to http://sparklermonthly.com/ !

It is not on sparkler YET, so don't expect to find it there now. So keep an eye out!

What will this mean? I will not be updating on magicalhow.com anymore but the comic will remain free on sparkler. When Magical How? debuts on Sparkler, be sure to support it in the monthly issues! Magical How? will still remain free in terms of releasing one page per week, so wish me luck!

For now I'll be on a 2 month hiatus to finish preparing the pages by then, I hope all of you will leave many comments on the comic when it gets on sparkler! Because feedback is very important to me and I love reading your comments!
Those guards look like they're shitting their pants. XD

And poor Aku, he can't find any good help these days.
This is so cute~! *O*