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I'm a writer! A published author in fact. You can find my books for sale on Amazon at this link:
Welcome to Chapter Seven
Here we are with the cover to Chapter Seven: Cabel Velet!

I wonder where we heard that name before (conspicuous link drop below):
End Intermission Two
A short lesson, over for the day~. Next week starts Chapter Seven and the start of September (in the SIT universe)! It took almost three years to make it through one and a half months. That's webcomics for ya! See you all next week!
Love the alt-text on this one, omg
@EmilyParagraph: Aw, dangit, I forgot to put the shine in panel 3! Whoops...

But thank you, I'm glad you like how it looks 8D
Ooh excited to see what happens. That's a lot of fire, and someone might get burned...

Also, I love how soft the colors are on the last few pages, and on this one in particular. It looks really smooth and makes me want to touch it like it's velvet like all soft but a fun texture.
Intermission Two
Ironically starting towards the beginning of August, it's Intermission Two: End of August! This intermission, we're joining Dr. Cambria Math in a lesson about the different universes connected to Port Rendezvous.

Don't forget! If you want to see next week's page today, you can support me on patreon at for 5 dollars a month and early, Hi-Res comic pages and gain access to additional perks such as original art and stories!
Changed the page a little!
In case you already saw the page, I went ahead and moved some of the speech balloons around for clarity!

Webcomics: A learning process
@WiispNightmare: Skeleton language is truly a modern hieropglyphics
@WiispNightmare: The biggest of mysteries that the world has yet to solve. (mirrors. it's mirrors.)
@WiispNightmare: It's the story Alexabot wrote back in Chapter Four if you want a refresher of what it says! Pages 46 and 47 :D
We're back!
As promised, Selfinsertale has returned from it's hiatus! Welcome to Chapter Six: ZapFino Wedding Planners!

Starting with this chapter, I'm going to go back to a Once A Week update schedule, so come back next Thursday for the first page of the chapter! 8D

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End of Chapter Five + Hiatus!
This is it for Chapter Five! That was a total of 70 pages for this chapter, can you believe it?

That said, I'll be taking a month off to build up my buffer for the comic again, which really dwindled towards the end of this chapter. So the next update will be the cover page of Chapter Six on Thursday, April 4th, with page 161 the following Sunday!

And, if you want to see pages early, consider pledging to my patreon! For as little as 5 dollars a month, you can see hi-res Selfinsertale pages early, plus other perks such as access to my original writing and illustrations from my other work!

See you in April with Chapter Six!
@WiispNightmare: You're speaking my language there :D
@WiispNightmare: Cabel, apparently
Happy Halloween! Here's Guest Art!
It's been TWO YEARS since Selfinsertale started! To commemorate this, my lovely friends Max and April collaborated on some Halloween guest art~ Max did the lines and April did the coloring and it looks superb.

Find April here on Twitter:
Here on Tumblr:
And here on Patreon:

Max can be found here on Tumblr:
And accepts tips through Ko-Fi:

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Thank you to everyone who supported the comic over these last two years, both new readers and those who have been here from the start alike. :> Here's the to future of this comic~
Featuring Domino!
Today's page features a cameo of my friend Max's character, Domino!

Find Max over at for that good gay shizz :>
@WiispNightmare: when it's a choice between making a pun or not making a pun, the answer is always Make A Pun
Three Page Update!!
Today's update is a three page update! Go back a couple of pages to read it from the beginning!
Three Page Update!!
This is the second page of the three page update! Go back one more for the first one!
Three Page Update!!
Today's update is three pages long!! This is the first one of the three!