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I'm a writer! A published author in fact. You can find my books for sale on Amazon at this link:
Featuring Domino!
Today's page features a cameo of my friend Max's character, Domino!

Find Max over at for that good gay shizz :>
@WiispNightmare: when it's a choice between making a pun or not making a pun, the answer is always Make A Pun
@WiispNightmare: No problem :D I'm glad you're enjoying the comic, and thank you for commenting <3
@WiispNightmare: Yep, they are! Btw, Alexabot uses they/them pronouns! :>
Chapter 5!!
After seeing the merchandise worn by Excelsior for several dozen pages, we now get to experience: The Arcave Rave... Here now, in Chapter 5~

Also!! With this chapter I'm changing the update schedule! SIT will now update twice a week on Sunday and Thursday!

If you want to see the next update early (as in right now today) then consider pledging to my patreon! For $5 a month you can see early updates for SIT as well as get some other perks!
End Intermission One
Here's the end of the Intermission! See you next week for Chapter Five~

Or, if you want to see pages a few days early, consider pledging to my Patreon! Every tier gets access to writing and/or art, and for 5 dollars or more you can see Selfinsertale pages a few days before the general public!
End of Chapter Four
Here’s the end of Chapter Four! Next week, we’re going to start a short intermission before we continue on to Chapter Five~ See you then!
Here’s the first page of the first Intermission! I plan to have an intermission around the end of each in-comic month, though this one for July is happening in the middle of the August chapters (hence the “Overdue” part of the name). Here’s the Math family on their trip back home~
One Year Anniversary!!
Happy one year of Selfinsertale! The first page posted publicly on October 23rd of 2016, so I decided to mark the occasion with some anniversary art that also serves as official Halloween art~ I've been planning for this for over a month now, and I'm glad I got it done in time to share with everyone~

But wait: there's more. If you check out my tumblr I'll have a special bonus thing I'm posting that explains how Selfinsertale came to be! I'll link it here as well after it's posted in case people going through the archives don't want to go digging in my blog for it haha. EDIT: And here is that link!

Here's to the years to come!

Also, if you want to help support the comic while also getting access to exclusive writing, art, and early updates, then check out my patreon! Every little bit helps!
Chapter Four Start!
Welcome to the first page of Chapter Four! If you're reading from the latest, remember to hit the back button to see the cover page.
Wow it's been a while
I seem to have taken a loooong unannounced break, but here is Page Fifteen at long last! I got new equipment since the Page Fourteen, so I did some new methods for the coloring and line art, and I'm pretty happy with how this page turned out. And look, the fairies have names now! Veenka and Fyier, what cutes~.
Fairy-like aliens huh?
Isn't that something that appeared in a certain book?

Obligatory link to my writing.
Three Months
So, 12 comics, that means 12 weeks, and with four weeks to a month, this comic has been running for three months now. That's impressive, I'd say. And it's been at least a week in comic time, it seems.

Obligatory link to my writing.
Start Chapter 2
New chapter, new page, new attempts at coloring. Hoorayyy (I have no idea what I'm doing haha wow.)

Obligatory link to my writing.
End Chapter 1
Woo! Chapter One has now been completed! There might be a short break before Chapter Two starts, but if not then there will be a new comic come next week. Stay tuned!

Check out my books here!
What do you know, they did go to a park.
By the way, I wrote a new science fiction book.

And here is a list of all my available books.
I wonder where they're walking to.
At least they're finally out of that alleyway. Perhaps they're on to a new adventure? Or maybe just a walk in the park.
Lucky Number Seven
I estimate a few more pages before the chapter ends. Then on to Chapter Two!
You know who's great?
Indigo is great. I love Indigo. Screaming and all that. Wonderful Indigo.