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HeyHeyHey :]
First of all my name is Matilda :]]
im very random and i looove apples and chocolate and nailpolish and dresses and cute stuff
so yayyy :]]
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    Matilda :]
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omg! this page scared the crap out of me!! and then i realized it was April fools
February 1st, 2008
I've seen a cow give birth! it was gross but the baby was still cute :]]
dun dun duuuuuuunnnnn!
im really in love with that creepy man's red eye :]]
Yaay! When i saw your comic on top of my favorite list i went SQUEEEE! :3
this is getting better and better :]]
I wonder what daniel is going to do
October 11th, 2007
omgg!! you updated!!
why didn't i see this earlier ??
ohh well :]]
yaaaayyy!! :]]]]]
September 21st, 2007
omg! you updated :]]
August 23rd, 2007
I bet she and the neighbor planned that!
She told her all about Theo and her secret looooove and they planned it all out! :]]
i think too much... o_o
i looove it :]]
her hair is sooo pretty!!
oooooooohhh....someone's having duuurrtyy thoughs...or maybe not XD
Wow! the art is amazing!!
i wish i could draw like that!
omg!!! your alive!!
and you started the comic again!
August 7th, 2007
Yeahh, they are scary!!
and they are like all over the place where i live!!!
August 5th, 2007
Dun dun duuuunnnnnnn!
Who is she hiding from?
Could it be... JEREMIAH?
Anyways great page!!
Yaay! an update :]]
is he going to notice her eyes?
maybe she is going to fly away?
awww.. poor Talori!!!
But her seahorses can kick Joy's ass!!!
July 24th, 2007
Now.. if he would have said that to me...
Let's just say that he wouldn't be here today XD
You go girl!!
i wonder what silver is going to do!