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To be updated after 2 years! ; A; LOL. 18 now. :3

I AM planning on continuing any work... ><b

:D �

Updating a new website also... So none for now. - w-
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ahhhh. <333
So excited! I am definitely buying all three volumes as soon as I have money! ♥
lasdkjfalsdkf YES.
I'd definitely buy prints/volumes! <3 The price sounds reasonable too!

VERY excited for your future projects! Looking forward to them! :3
(I re-read my Spanish; it sounds odd. ; __; I hope you get the gist of it lol... I'm better at speaking than writing. xD)
WAaa, I love you! ;A; ♥

Heart-wrenching that it's over... :(
Looking forward to new projects though!
Puahaha! So strange... but I love it. xD Poor Ed. Hahahaha.
tears. and joy. ♥ 4 amazing years. :)
I know I am definitely not a frequent commenter (it's been years since I commented any comic on SJ... Makes me sad. :( Idk why I haven't. ) but I just HAD to comment on this final page...

I think I've been following Cloe for the past 4 years, and I have to say that no other comic has been as close to my heart as this one has.

From the start each character won me over (except Mrs. Dove. I disliked her very much, in a good I-love-to-hate-you kind of way lol!)

With each update, my heart jumped with anticipation. Never had a story been as warming and amazing as this one and I must commend you for being as dedicated as you've been-- for finishing until the end-- and for the continuous improvement in your work.
Cloe Remembrance shows a great deal of growth as an artist which makes you one of my inspirations. :) In my art class last year, we had to write about an artist that inspired us, and I wrote about an person I knew online-- Heldrad. Haha. ♥
Despite my regretful lack of commenting and such, I never gave up on keeping up with Cloe or any of your comics.
As it comes to an end, I literally teared up because this is something that went with me through my high school years (and now college) so it was a part of the most significant time of my life.
I can promise that I will continue to follow your work, and that I look forward to your next comic. :) I'm definitely planning on becoming a more active follower and hopefully work on my own things finally haha.
Anyway, thank you SO much for the past 4 years. I can't say enough just how much I loved Cloe, and although I'm super sad it's the end, I am somehow still happy with it. I, for one, would love to see more of the story... You said Richard and Henry's story is sad... and, being the emotional masochist that I am (LOL.) I'd LOVE to see it... Seriously. :D But of course, at your own time and will; for now, I support you moving onto other projects! If you ever publish Cloe, I will definitely be one of the first to purchase. <3
Amazing work, and thank you! ; w;

(And I'm sorry this comment is so long! ; __; Making up for not commenting for so long lolololol. Perdòname! (Hablo español jaja. Se me olvidò mencionar que otra razón porque la admiro tanto es porque también eres Mexicana! :3 Ja.~)
Mmm, beautiful! :D
November 23rd, 2008
Blunt much? :D At least he isn't lying anymore...Good Louis~ <3
Ahh :DDD
Best entrance ever.

Teehee. Micky is one horny cat. Yay.

Oh woe. Lidia is too nice...I should hate her but...just...can't... D:
November 23rd, 2008
LAWL. Teehee. Louise revealed! :D He's not very good at scheming...or is he?....Let's see if he comes up with something next...-reads on-
Michelley, I am scared! >"<

Ahh, I love this page! :"D
P.S: LOVE LOVE the new icon! so cute; made me all giggleh xD ~loli. I'd do one for shota >< lulz.
Oh my, what I wouldnt give to be in Lily' place > w<

Ooh, what could it be?! D"8
@ Michelley:
Humunah~ yes I would! >]

Ooh, Lileh looks freakeh! In a good way of course! Oh noes, Crisii-poo is all frowny D":
W00t! Wide Page of Awesome
My poor Crisii-poo D": Tsktsk, Lily.
Kyuu~ I love Crisis's expression O 3o I like also the smack! >D
Huzzah! :D

Love the pic >3<
I want Crisis's pity O wO omonomnom.

Omg. This is getting so much darn better and better. <3
yes he is! :D omg, I shall consider this as a bit of extra fanservice on your part for me, hun. O 3O lulz.
I still love Crisis O wO so very much!
Oh noes.
The hat of win is going to fall! Get eet!

Whee, these final drafts are quite different from the original sketches I'd read, Michelley~ :D Makes it more fun to read! Lovin'iiittt~ Keep it up hun!

I want to make you fan art but my markers are now dead X< I'll make some when I get new ones *happeh*
December 22nd, 2007
Crisis is too sweet!! x] Yah, I'm reading it even though I read the sketchies 8D Can't get enough of that Crisis <33 Merry Early Xmas Michelley!!! I still owe you that artsy for your birthday =___= Ima work on it nooow! ` ~