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* As for my comics, I'm getting there. C:
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Ahh, he's so, so small! He's adorable. ;_; Don't drop him mistuh.
H- He's going crazy right, right?!
I'm speechless. ;_; This was indeed beautiful - the story and the artwork!
ROFL I love this twist! x'DD
...I'm in love with his feet.


And omg, I see love blooming within those drunken eyes.

I'm liking it.
I agree; the shading on the hair and the faces are HOTTTTT. <3
Those eyes; those lips! Those lips especially are sexy.

I'm glad to see you're updating more than I am. XD Really, I'd be sad if you didn't update, like /someone/ I know.


Poor Isaac! D: I hope they at least think to deflate him afterwards.
Ahh, they're all so cute~

It's sad that they left him to be a player all on his own though. D:

All of his wing men are now taken!
@FastPuck: Thanks so much! *A* I'm glad / extremely relieved that people are still interested in reading this, despite the lack of updates, which I feel horrible abouttt. ||| I /will/ fix that soon though! *DETERMINED*
I love the way you drew her, especially her face, in the second panel. C:
@oni-bu: B- But hopefully I'll have that page four up soon for you guys! ;^;
@soliloquyv: Thank you! I'm glad you like one of my many twists haha. I've been hooked on your comic Adrienne Clare for a while now; it's really neat plus awesomely made. : DD Thanks for commenting~
Thank you, suicidollxp~ I hope I'll be able to update soon too.
And a GIGANTIC THANK YOU for 100+ watchers!! Thank you guys for the +favs and comments - I truly appreciate them, despite my pitiful lack of updates! ;_;
I am EXTREMELY SORRY for the delay, especially so early in the comic!!

I would have had the fourth page up by now if my laptop hadn't malfunctioned. ;^; We're in the process of shipping it back to the company. If they can fix it, I'll be able to complete page four. If they can't, I'll be shipped a new laptop and have to restart it.

I might as well redraw it - soon, since the school year is nearly over.

Also, this filler has absolutely nothing to do with the actual story, which makes me suck even more than I already do for not updating. x'DD


I certainly wasn't expecting this to end so quickly. ;^; Maybe it wasn't as quickly as it seems, but still. I'm going to miss checking for your updates.

AND WHUT. No more comics as in /ever/?

Oh, this is indeed a sad, sad day.
This comic is so well drawn, and the facial expressions you give them are really nice. I love thissss. *q* <333
<33s to the last panel. XD