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Hey all! I'm Leona i decided to make an acount.... so eah..... Haunterrrr!!! <3
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I'd say Link should Ignore Lana and stay more on the Malon side.... After all they are childhood friends and he showed he did like her back
you legit just updated as I checked this page 0_0
I love Amy's sprite
Lol I like how your using Lisia! All the trainer sprites are spot on!
Tis quiet remarkable
Adding a fan!
Yay after all the gruesome villains... It's good to see Eggman and Sonic doing the do!
YaaaaY that Lisia sprite is so good!
Wow a vast visual improvement! How did you even do that!?
@KisarageX: Ik I see them everywhere T_T SJ trolls are the worst
So much thats happned...
Final fantasy12 was my personal favorite
@KisarageX: I did... Poor Sally ;(
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: In the early pages I think it led up to him being a jerk
Nice GUN sprites