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I try
aaaaw <33333
oooh it continues uwu
uwu so cute (for now?)
Good to hear you passed your first test! Good luck with the second one (;

Also congrats on getting your kitten real soon!

As always I am looking forward to another beautiful page! :d
lol he did it <333
Just keep at it lol. Good pep talk
oh shiiit, you've been working on that! Gonna go read it right now 8)
That is exactly how they would do it. Can't believe I didn't figure it out lol
Absolutely beautiful! Very fitting as a commemoration of your family member. ((:
Lil' Takatoo to the rescuooo
Weeeuh, no more exams!! No more classes! Just a thesis lol.

Hiro is a problem; to everyone lol
Good luck with the exam!

And ใกใ‹ใ‚“!!! Keep your hands to yourself! 0:<
Also the girl in the second panel looks like she's doing a ._. face lol
Eat those bugles if you want to Hiro, you'll make up for it later (((((;

I'm looking forward to the following shenanigans! :D
I'm sure there's a bunch of Nolastnames running around here, not sure why people think it's so special they share it hahaha
Hope you enjoyed the festival : D

I am looking forward to finding out what that little thing is lol
@raephium: hahaha, I guess that might just be it! xpp
Might as well broaden your horizon lol
oooh, I do wonder why he doesn't care... :u
Okay, you know what! She actually looks real cute. ;w;
Well, of course. No mercy lol