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I try
Precious! ;o;
October 20th, 2017
600 pages! Amazing! xdd
Didn't know people would just be like 'that's normal, but I can't quite hear you'

@amanduur : okay, you have a point.
Good to hear he's versatile hahahaha.

Also, good thing it's going in the right direction! B)
October 7th, 2017
Definitely enjoying the update! ((:

And, I also struggle with time management: sometimes I'm very efficient, other days I don't know how to utilise free time at all lol
October 7th, 2017
Finally made time to read this whole thing so I could enjoy your updates! Loving this comic, thank you for sharing! ((:
No, actually, I feel like the pacing for this really makes it even more awkward hahaha. Setting the scene perfectly.
So this is nice ((:

@amanduur : omg hahahaaha. almost sad they won't do weather smalltalk on the next page now.
welp, there you go.

Also, uni is keeping me busy too! (wow, twins amirite??) Though of course I make time to dick around lol. But I do hope you're enjoying your studies! B)

@amanduur lol thanks! And boy am I glad to hear you also make room for dicking around hahaha
great, a creaky bed! xd
omg yes. Just like when I got contact lenses for the first time. Everything was HD. Amazing quality.
Well, all they need now is a safe-word lol
shout at your cold so it understands it's not welcome!!

Also, wow, I guess it would be better to lie about who put those there...

@amanduur: haha, yeah, it was hella old that avatar; no one puts their username in their pics anymore, do they??
look at Takashi being so nosey :uuu
'LOL -mom'
Just trying to be a cool mom, staying relevant and all :vv
@amanduur: definitely easier,,, but I think she got better at it afterwards haha
@amanduur: Seems like you've kinda mastered it pretty quickly xd (unlike JennaMarbles haha)
1) aaaw

2) holy shit you have really pretty hands and dang those nails a beautifully done!
'Don't touch my bread.' - is fucking funny hahahaha
Coincidentally feeling better than you... hope you feel better, soon! ΓΌ