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'Don't touch my bread.' - is fucking funny hahahaha
Coincidentally feeling better than you... hope you feel better, soon! ü
ughhhh, can I not?
As much as I love deep-sea creatures this blob is not kissable to me. xD
I hope you'll be able to deal with the loss of that one button. /:
...was just hoping his shirt wouldn't rip, but of course his buttons come off instead. ;O;
omg my heart melted from YOI! I couldn't contain myself and had no idea what to do with all this joy.

Anywho, hoping his shirt doesn't rip. D:
Your kickstarter already reached the goal! Awesome thing to get commissioned to, totally deserve it, Amanda! ü
Rewriting essays sucks, but at least when you're done you have this to come back to, haha.
At least all his 'girlfriends' are honest with each other! xD
Which close-up are you referring to? õuõ
Blueberry Roulade?? Where did you even get that??
Btw looking forward to seeing if the mum will be doing any... shenanigans while they are 'studying for a test'. :d
That honk. xd
Was waiting for some sort of reaction! Though I didn't expect her to blush. xd
Yes, how classic! *standing ovation* xd
((Didn't even know Tapastic was a thing, but it looks so much more fancy than SJ, even though SJ is rather nostalgic to me. :d))

I hope they will get friendship bracelets! <3 And I absolutely love Hiro's character!
Just read through all of this, and it's so funny. I have to start using SJ again. xd
Yeah, the black parts SUCK! xD . Naw, it's okay.
September 13th, 2013
Aaaw, huggle time with Geodude! :D
*Cyber high-five* Just until the other hand can take over again.
Aaaah, now I see where this is going. :D