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I try
December 29th, 2017
uuuugh 0':
Beautiful! B)
December 23rd, 2017
omg what at terrible person >_>
uuuh now he can finally rest easy.
December 18th, 2017
uuuh tell him Sooch 0:<
exams close to new years are hell.. im feeling it, too, this year. >_> .

I'm thinking Hiro will 'soften' Takashi right up xd
'just put it in already'

highlight of this chapter loool
oooh the plot thickens lol
glad to help! B)

Also, it could just be a new kind of sex, right??
Also entering the exam period here (surprise amirite), but this is defo a nice change of pace ahahaha. I hope they won't get cold with their butts all exposed and then zero movement.
The pickle-censoring is just.. the bumpyness of it... Anyway, Hiro sure is a champ.

I'll try and remember to get back to the survey, but for some reason it doesn't work for me atm.
uuuugh, please stop don't let him put his fist in your butt Hiro lol. You wouldn't be able to stand up afterwards.
I think you're right, he is the only one who'd do a victory pose in that situation...

For some reason I thought we were the same age or maybe I was like older...........

@amanduur: I probably did have my age on my profile bc I didn't think about it? Or maybe it was on Tegnebordet??
I have no words, I'm just laughing at how opposite these two are hahhaa

@amanduur: lol getting that second-hand cringe huhhh
@Tenth_Lover: glad you're here to help us all :uuuu
wow well, okay, thank you Sharon I guess ahahah.

I'm hoping you're doing well on pre-orders and good luck with the kickstarter!
omg lol. Guess he'll just sit with that in his hand until /someone/ undresses lol
blushie blushie
Belated happy birthday! ((:
Seems strangely reasonable that you'd talk about it like that.

Also, I love the idea of it being your birthday, but basically your getting your readers a gift instead. xp