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Hiya! I'm Mary! I am an author, I have made comics befor on here but deleted them because the graphics sucked.

So looking for co-author! I have a story all planned out! I just need help on the art...and you can work on the story with me!

I'm a cool gal. From NC. My hair is pinkish(was majinta). I do love this website ever so much.
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woot for les miserables
always nice to havea an update from you
Well at least he didn't wake with anyone ugly :)
Love his face in the last panel
Zoe is sho cuute!
haha that's totally me
Wait end?
It would be funny if the owner walked in hahah
February 12th, 2008
kickball has always haunted me
because of it my jaw is crooked
Woohoo update!
Zoe looks so cool in the 3rd panel
first comment
Wow nice eye
yay for the update!
Yes!! Yay you updated!
Yay you're back!
great strip
heheh tits
Ooh gee there's somthing i can relate too haha
Hooray AK!
You're right he is kinda scary, but still cuuute
January 23rd, 2008
you go richie!
Shoo cute!
I wish i had a stalker like that! I'm getting sick of mine...
Ooh dear, he said a no no word
ooh fucking well