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Haven't seen your comic in a long time.
Found ya!
Oh hey! You're posting here too. Sweet!
End of Chapter 1
Sorry for the long wait guys...
Kind of hard to update these comics nowadays.
Took a long time to update,huh?
@SilverStrangequark: yeah the last panel is kinda weird too (man, colress is so muscular) but Colress' head at the first panel seems to be more funny to me.
Lol First panel Colress looks kinda weird XD
FYI I'm already done with Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 but I need to re-work their dialogues a little bit and do some editing. Right now, chapter 3 is in progress but I really don't have much time to upload all pages for chapter 1 and chapter 2 (editing pages).
*The japanese word translated into "Warriors Dojo"*
Sorry for late update though
I'm in a boarding school right now
Not right now... (i'm at home)
FYI I can only upload this comics at home
Good for ya!
@CandycaneRay: I kinda bored as well so I decided to just post some comics here.
Anyway, any comics you can recommend for me to read?
The Main Character Arrives!
...and he's naked... wtf?
Cool cover! What program did you use to draw this? :3
Backgrounds can suck balls
Here's the first page!
And I suck at making backgrounds
Leave a comment if you find this comic interesting or you find something wrong with this page.
A cover is needed
Hi guys!
Just attempting to draw a cover for this comic
So right now I just need a banner for this shit
Dat Rage attack was awesome as heck
Is it a Dojo or a Trainer school ingame? IDK
Well lets hope Jovallie survive in this game
cuz my Beedrill just died in 2nd gym of Blaze Black...urgh...