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I'm an italian living in France. So, clearly, english is not my native language. I try my best but there will always be mistakes.

I'm also easily demotivated, so if you like my comics i recommand you to fav them and comment at least one time, it will help me to update more often!
the clothes are so pretty
@Tagath: oh yea it was clear later on was just confused in the beginning, thanks!
already said that but your art is so beautiful? just, stunning! i don't want to think about the time you spend on each pages, that must be so much work!
"a nice catch?" i'm crying... hope he's ok (or gonna be, oof)
the detaiiiiiiiils
i'm impressed
the detaiiiiiiiils
i'm impressed
this is so pretty
i read the whole thing in one go so sorry i'm only commenting now but i love it soooooo much the story and characters are so interesting and the artstyle and colors just so pretty!
the backgrounds are so detailed it's very impressive!
ash is so cute
disappointed the brother with glasses is laughing too...
the brother with glasses doesn't seems to agree with this treatment but maybe is too shy/scared to do anything about this, i just hope he helps her or at least become friendly to her in the future!
i'm not sure i understand, is this a trans story or is the father pulling a "lady oscar"?
oh!! i'm glad it ends well i thought as soon as he got in the water it was too late
oh! she looks a lot like the witch of the previous story, is it on purpose?
i love how he doesn't even care about the guy, just the book, that's so funny
April 15th, 2016
Yes the whole comics was made with watercolors! It wasn't practical cause I didn't have paper made for that. AND I'm lazy and don't have patience to stay too long on one page so I always rushed the coloring. Glad you like it!

Thank you for your comments! Sadly all three of my webcomics posted here are abandoned projects! So I won't post any new pages.

They aren't COMPLETELY abandoned since I want to re-draw them entirely but I won't post on smackjeeves anymore. I'll probably post them on my DeviantArt ( or on Tapastic (
March 31st, 2016
I mean sure she doesn't want her classmate to get hurt but does she realize her comments are rude?