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Hobbies Drawing,Art,Writing,Watching TV.
Likes Ice cream, the color blue,
bio born and raised in Baltimore, a small city have always been involved in something creative.
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    Davonte Harris
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page three
please all comments are appreciated even questions
second pg of the new chapter one
second page of the remastered chapter one please feel free to leave any comments or reviews i would greatly appreciate them
first chapter remasterd
like with the title of chapter one being remastered it means that the artwork has been upgraded a little bit along with the story please disregard the previous pages and treat this chapter as the first in the series because several plot elements has been changed from the original.
any one can draw
any one can write and the draw the disguntled dad but the last panel really made feel for the father because it made me sympathize that there are hidden depths and emotions to him showing he is probably not sure how to interact or discipline with his son
June 10th, 2015
the idea is great
i love how idea of a red string bringing together two who would have never have had met
December 11th, 2014
its like you drew with hand pencil
it looks really good what is your process like?
this is my first comic series so please be kind and gentle
like it says in the comment title but what's happening is the character shannon is putting on make up for the first time and blu is narrating what highschool is like...