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I love Pokemon, Martial Arts, Nintendo, and all sorts of video games, not rated "M" ones though. I love Pokemon the most more than any other game. I try to be friendly, gentleman-like, and a bigger fan of Pokemon.
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    Micheal Earnest Williams (MEW)
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@Sorakai: You may be late, but you still have fame. I wish I had that for my comic...
I'm having smoked hedgehog tonight!
ROFL!! I didn't think you would be into Madagascar!
Yeesh! Someone take Caiya to Crispy Creme before he eats everyone! LOL
Hello? That's why there is a bomb box!!
FP has some issues...
Man. If Galacta Knight shows up one more time, I WILL GO BALISTIC!!!
Really Shadik!?!
Man, Kaxo is just mean...
I cant believe he even think of using his most common power!
.... Caiya dozed off and isn't really dependable...
For Pete's sake! GET A HAMMER!
Caiya reminds me of Snorlax...
The kirbys are out of CONTROL!!!
I think that @Guest was trying to be empathetic twoards Avis...
I can't wait anymore for the next comic. It's that good! Hurry and start on the next one!
Looks like Gengar is going to give Avis a hard time.
Pokemon MD Reference
That is just like Wigglytuff and his Perfect Apples! Hah Hah!