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Overboard on the abstract background? Nevah! Besides, it's the relationships and report, that the dear one's closest to us, sparks and brings out the colorful intensity of our personalities.
Hilarious! Wonderful idea to keep your audience engaged and a part of your creative process!
<3 the 3D depth of her hand reaching out towards the reader. Well drawn!
The lighting from the magical necklace is beautifully drawn, the glow and luminescence is represented well. Where Spider is flung into the air, is a lot of negative and free space. Maybe a larger action text, or spider shooting off into the air and out of that panel.on the right side.
The exclamation lines behind Spider in the bottom left combined with the web-lining, draws my eye in that direction of motion, nice and fluid.
The thickness and weight in the web lines really help and add depth and dimension! I'm noticing more uses of font, did you make some of it yourself? I think shows more layers of expression and emotion in your characters.
Go Go Gaget, Mail call.
Go Go Gaget, Jehovah Witness.
Go Go Gaget, Girl Scout Cookies.
This "something a bit different" doesn't seem confusing at all. I see it as flash-backing, without the chronological jump, because the reader is still taking in the reminiscing in the same order.
Like using an adverb instead of an adjective. Panel maravillosa!
The last panel of the transformation! I don't know if a musical cacophony of harps are playing or some slow-mo million dolla man Eeenk, Irrr, Unngk, transformer sound effects!
Both of them played in my eyeballs and they lol'd!
Heheh heh! Great page! Spider's trembling expression and I love how that mace is flying out of the panel!
The art isn't normally what I'm used to and setting the story felt sluggish. However once the introduction of "Spiders", I got used to the style and appreciated that the panels weren't the nit-picky perfection. Characters are well expressed, but was looking for more background on the antagonist evil force.

Overall an impressive 1st manga. And as each of your pages improved and created more depth, I'm very interested to see how the storytelling evolves! Nice Debut.
One of my favorite pages! Starting to bend from the original rectangular and square panels, to more dramatic and impactful juxtaposition with the different perspectives and interactions between June & Bunny dude is giving more emphasis and fluidity of the page.