cant stop wont stop might stop
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i do not like this man
i want bandanna dee to kill me in real life
i forgot the password for the mecha sonic account
give me the chaos emerald
gosh, what a journey

congrats on finishing your comic ulti, not many of us can say the same. it's quite the achievement!

(KAS the animated series, anyone?)
mute i love you but you missed the boat on triggered jokes by about a year and a half
maybe if he actually read the tutorials and instruction hed know how to play
@Shakes: i will if you dont set your discord invites to expire so fast
gmx is a gamemaker file

was there gonna be a game
its a good comic

sorry for bein a cringy boy and trying to get on yalls good sides in like 2015 or whatever

sonic passion is a good webcomic
oh, i get it.

the ultimate sonic blast.

the universe was destroyed by the ultimate sonic blast.

i thought we already had one