cant stop wont stop might stop
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the plot twist is that shadik did something
hooray for shadik!
meta knight moving his eyes so jarring he has no right to be that expressive

redtro where is ya sword i wanna see ya sword come on do the big shoosh
0/10 expressions arent the same pixel size bad bitmixing op

(in all seriousness welcome back dude its great to see this comic active again)
@TheJGamer: just a design concept, no character attached
@TheJGamer: hey no worries, this comic was made in GIMP
@TheJGamer: hes not meta knight
thanks tails youre a good boy
oh my God

this is fantastic thank you
@rjmckinnon on twitter confirmed to NOT be our ryan

the search continues...
holy shit theres a guy on twitter with the name from his email address

might not be him, but... cant hurt to ask
okay ive looked through the thread and people have apparently tried

might give it a go myself, or try and find him on another site
waaait a second his email is literally on his profile

well its been like six years has anybody just tried emailing him yet
jesus fuck we need to track down ryan its 2017 we need closure on this goddamn thread
@Yoskichu: who are you
naughty grass keep you hands to youself