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local cute nonbinary cat
wigs are yucky :( condolences

god this is fucking incredible . you are extremely cool and i hope your complicated and stressful life turns out well
your anatomy and coloring has improved immensely!! fantastic work!
you want somethin' done right, ya gotta do it yourself.

hi. i'm scratch. i work for a cartoon now, i'm not a boy 100% of the time anymore, and despite all the things that've happened to me, i still can't let kirby dream team die.

until slasher returns and takes the wheel from me, i'm assuming control of KDT. there's no concrete plot set in place for the moment, so feel free to add some pages. there's no real continuity for you all to follow just yet.

for clarification: the events of chapters 1 and 2 are in the past. this page takes place after the events of kirby star allies.

if people are invested in reviving the comic for realsies, i'll make us a funny little discord server to coordinate stuff.

see you soon! 💖
every time i draw a page i relearn how to draw lub lub
hang in there!!!
geez gba quit getting new alters
its been a while but like gimme a break man i work for a show and i had work/public appearances to do lol
kept you waiting huh
was gonna make a joke about them turning sideways and walking through the bars but they actually put horizontal ones for once
those FIENDS
aw, another one bites the dust

hype for minion bros tho!!
2015 was a bad year for everyone
i should pull more all nighters to draw comics i think better when im on another plane of existence
ten comics oh yeah only gotta do that ten more times till i hit a hundred