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kirby did the thing on the cover
comic over
@plasma_knight303: plasmaaaaaaa kracko is the boss of mustard mountaaaaaaain he just looks the saaaaaame

and if thats not enough theres already a "dark" kracko in revenge of the kind (you must have known that, you took the eye)

but in all seriousness this is a rad sprite, very Edge
but plasmaaaaaaaa kracko is already in amazing mirrorrrrrrrr
@TheJGamer: man dont get too hype its basically just the style in this page haha
it's been a little while since i ran out of queue, sorry about that hahaha

the comic will return soon with a slightly updated style! do not worry!!!
how about an update? for luck?

(i've got to be kidding.)
Game Theory what if this character cried instead of being happy ?

repeat x1000 to become an oc creator
nothin beats pencil tool in the end
oh whats that ? did we already reach the end of the queue ?

oh well !

come back later !
dont distract him he might push the hue slider too far
oh those waddle dees they love eating rocks !
Skett Loves His Job With All Of His Heart
@Nashew: thank you!
also yeah i probably should have noticed way sooner that pogo was just lanky lololo with a crown
clever little naughty boy breaks the rules
be nice to jake hes just doing his job
@collaborational: he is most definitely doing no good deeds