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local cute nonbinary cat
i make scratch kat and i help animate BFDI on youtube
hang in there!!!
geez gba quit getting new alters
its been a while but like gimme a break man i work for a show and i had work/public appearances to do lol
kept you waiting huh
was gonna make a joke about them turning sideways and walking through the bars but they actually put horizontal ones for once
those FIENDS
aw, another one bites the dust

hype for minion bros tho!!
2015 was a bad year for everyone
i should pull more all nighters to draw comics i think better when im on another plane of existence
ten comics oh yeah only gotta do that ten more times till i hit a hundred
holy shit doofus stop DYING
*furiously grasping at my comic* NOT THIS TIME
volume stop standing on your tiptoes its /weird/
lmao owned
i do not like this man
i want bandanna dee to kill me in real life
i forgot the password for the mecha sonic account