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Might as well be honest... I only made this account to get my webcomic, mineS, on the internet. I haven't got plans to do anything else on SmackJeeves, but I might end up getting more involved as time passes. Who knows?

I'm a fan of D&D, anime, Pokemon, Minecraft (obviously), and a metric ton of webcomics.
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October 18th, 2016
@QuirkyButterfree: Dude, I would LOVE for this comic to get drawn. The only reason I ended it like this because I couldn't spend 8-10 hours a week drawing it.

Someone else drawing it would be awesome, really. I'd even write the strip text and layout if asked, since I can put out a score of strip pages (san art) in an afternoon.
October 16th, 2016
The End.
And we're done. If you have any questions about the strip for me, feel free to ask in the comments.

Some fun facts about mineS:

mineS was written after I took a binge of the website, and was heavily influenced by it. In particular this story was shaped by the entries for 'Five-Man Band', 'A World Half Full', and 'Tragedy'.

Eric's death was ultimately the scene that the entire story was built around.

Originally, every main character without the letter 'S' in their name was going to die. While this was later thrown out, it is the reason that 'mineS' is spelled that way.

And... that's it. Ask if you have any questions, and thanks for reading!
September 25th, 2016
Approaching the End
This 'quick summary' ended up taking much, much longer than I had expected. But good news: the end is in sight! I'm ramping production back up to *4* strips a week, adding in Saturday and Sunday! At this rate I expect us to be finishing around Halloween.
August 17th, 2016
Small update since I'm near the end of the chapter. This format is not great for text posts; it's really easy to make an image file that's too big for this website to handle.
August 8th, 2016
Computer is fixed... and when I say 'fixed' I mean 'broken beyond repair prompting me to switch to my laptop'. So I'm re-writing the parts I had lost and moving on.

I am quite peeved that this disrupted my update schedule. I'm usually so consistent.
July 26th, 2016

This was the last strip I put up before it cut out, so the next strip might get delayed as I work to fix it.
July 18th, 2016
Well this page kind of fell apart while I was writing it... the other half will go up tomorrow.
July 13th, 2016
To tell the truth, Eric's death was the one of the first scenes I decided on. A large portion of the narrative was built on the fated moment of S killing Eric, right in front of Sam's eyes.
June 22nd, 2016
Pretty much I've felt like this for the last few months:
May 12th, 2016
@Awdz Bodkins: My babble is all-natural
@Galarin: Socks do come in pairs. :\
February 16th, 2016
@Guest: It's not hovering; it landed in his lap.
February 4th, 2016
I mentioned awhile back that my computer broke and that that might prompt me to take a hiatus. Well, it didn't. Fixing was done, files were recovered, and lost time was reclaimed. My computer is shot but I'm still going.
So yeah, pretty good news there.
February 2nd, 2016
@Jooknar: Alt text edited for clarity
January 16th, 2016
So my computer just broke. Which is not good.
What is good is that I had backups made as recently as 2 weeks ago, which isn't too much to lose, but I was already falling behind schedule due to moving/getting a new job. If my data is unrecoverable I *might* take this as an excuse to take my first hiatus in ~3 years.
But maybe I'll extract the info and continue on uninterrupted. WHO KNOWS.
I've been reading this and Mokepon for awhile, but I've never thought to ask why that particular mask is used in both of them.
Do you just like its style? The characters have a kind of similar personality, both snarky people who like hassling people over their selfishness.
October 13th, 2015
@Jooknar: Everybody gets side-of-head eyes when the camera hits them right; T3ssa and Sue even have them in the last strip.
May 22nd, 2015
@Quadforce: Designing new mods, and new players, is a real headache for me. I would absolutely take any offers people have, though they would of course appear VERY rarely since they are just background filler.
February 17th, 2015
@catfire13: No reference intended.
February 16th, 2015
@Guest: On the prior page? I'm using the normal controls as guidelines and not writ-in-stone law. I don't deviate often but I may for little things like pushing versus pulling.