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I love anime, manga, books, and movies. I go to the movies almost every weekend. I have a blog where I post my reviews on all of those things I love. I have 2 cats and a dog. I also have 3 older annoying brothers, 1 older sister, and 1 younger demon sister.
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Bailey is such a cute cinnamon roll :)
I love this comic way too much
January 31st, 2016
I really hope he doesn't forgive her. I mean he was being a doormat but she was just cruel.
January 1st, 2016
I hope he grows stronger not bitter.
January 1st, 2016
Too True
@JigokuNeko: You're right. He really needs to stand up for himself. Hopefully her rejecting him will give him the push to do so.
December 31st, 2015
Aw Dani!
Poor Dani. I feel so bad for him. I think he's a really cute character. He deserves someone so much better than her.
I am so glad to see that you updated. I love this webcomic so much!Keep up the good work!
I loved the update! I squealed when I saw him blush. I can't wait for the next update.

P.S. Good luck on your exams!
@amanduur: I'm glad you're back and feeling better!
It's great for you to do something else. I really hope there is a sequel though
*squeals* really loudly
OMG I can't even(and yes I actually squealed my sister thinks I'm weird for doing it)
OMG I can't believe it! Finally! I'm so happy right now!
So much sparkles
Lol I'm embarrassed for him. I can't believe how thick he's laying it on. I hope his target's reaction won't be too bad XD
A guy with glasses, so cute! This story seems good so far. I'm so excited to read more.
Can't breathe
The letters made me laugh so hard I cried. I'm still trying to catch my breath