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The cat among women
These description things creep me out. it feels like I am trying to pick up a date. I"M A YAOI GODDESS!!!
Meow Meow Mew GrOW MROEW purr MEOW MEowew Meow mewo Purr HISSSSSS Meoe MEow.
(I love yaoi, anime, games, reading, shiping things, cosplay, sleeping, MLP, furries and a lot of things. I work.........yep I have huge REAL boobs...yeah creepy. I love to have fun and make others smile and laugh. But there lies a dark side hidden from the world)
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everyone needs some good cuddles after a hard day of work.
I can see it now Logan and his mom on a show like mory or jery springier Logan says " mom I have a confession to make. I have a boyfriend and he is your ex Brian and we hooked up while you where dating and I was the reason he broke up with you. *crowd goes nuts and mom goes to kill Brian*
gotta say this might the fist "ride" that did not end with an angry horse just a happy cowboy

I wonder does Joa use disinfectant on the blood tear? He must also be very hungry too given Joa's been crying this whole time to the point it is coming out his nose.

Makes me wonder if Joa would steal from a blood bank just so he would not have to bite Dylan next time he is without blood for so long? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!
I what a child like Nem I would not punish him for saying that but I would start laughing.

Just remember kids don't look to deep into what your name means cause it could end in with you wondering more about your parents then you wanted to.
ignore them the booty is calling
Ever needs to stop being jerked around poor baby. OH an it was a blast getting to talk to you at OHayocon you were so nice and sorry for bothering you.
stress can go that to ya. poor kid
lol they have been sexing for a long time they must be tired
not for him

a fork mmm hmmm a likely story forks have 3 prongs
dawwww his shunookums is sick.

Joa is so caring he even thought to check on Angela too.

Joa should get a nice treat for being such a wonderful guy
so much lube!!!
lol Logan can't morning.
is it just me or does it look like Joa can't ejaculate? Wonder if Dylan noticed?
secretively I want to see them do it but i know that Brian is a good guy at heart and would not take advantage for someone when they are under the influence.
First night alone together?
he came now he wants food
To ship or not to ship that is the Question.
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The canons and hater of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And, by opposing, end them?