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The cat among women
These description things creep me out. it feels like I am trying to pick up a date. I"M A YAOI GODDESS!!!
Meow Meow Mew GrOW MROEW purr MEOW MEowew Meow mewo Purr HISSSSSS Meoe MEow.
(I love yaoi, anime, games, reading, shiping things, cosplay, sleeping, MLP, furries and a lot of things. I work.........yep I have huge REAL boobs...yeah creepy. I love to have fun and make others smile and laugh. But there lies a dark side hidden from the world)
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is it just me or does it look like Joa can't ejaculate? Wonder if Dylan noticed?
secretively I want to see them do it but i know that Brian is a good guy at heart and would not take advantage for someone when they are under the influence.
First night alone together?
he came now he wants food
To ship or not to ship that is the Question.
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The canons and hater of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And, by opposing, end them?
Get your sexy on!!
Them other boys don't know how to act.
*plays Justin Timberlake - SexyBack*
living in an abusive family is always hard. They both need lots of hugs and love hey are going through one hell of a shit show. My loves goes out to them know in how they must be feeling going through abusive family relationships myself.
the dog cock block classic.
moms gone time to masturbate!!
Lubekun: I'm over here sweet cheeks! Is it time for round two?

still funny that max if completely naked and Rupert is still fully clothed. Rupert is in full attack mode. NO need to worry about getting naked just go straight for the goal.

Oh tell Juli she is a comic genius for me. I screen shot that one panel and now it is my background.

today it is tea for my reading drink(yes still hot drink for a hot comic)
I love the bottom left panel I want that as my cellphone background. It make me laugh so hard that coffee came out my nose(yes it was hot coffee so yes it hurt).
@Al: the only liquid in Joa is blood so when he cries it is blood when his nose runs it is blood if he peed it would more then likely be blood.
sleep is for the weak. coffee is your friend. my guess. Rupert could have also ran to hide. bathrooms are sometimes a safe place.
I'm so pumped!!! can't wait to see this wonderful story again! ~wags tail~
I kind of want Kaoru to date Chris. lol they would make a funny pair
I baked cookies so no more crying yes?
sad but it was bond to come
Seeing this does make it a bit sad but Dylan's friends where acting like any normal person would if they found out that their close friend has a vampire lover and kept it a secret from them for so long. Those two were lucky that Dylan's friends did not try to kill Joa. In time I feel that things will get better, and maybe Dylan's friends will come around after seeing them truly care for one an other and not seeing them act like it is just a food/life exchange type relationship. I wish the couple happier days ahead.

Taxie Cab Driver: Cheers! (pulls out a wine bottle)