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I'm an artist by hobby. Still learning, definitely. I like to draw characters doing stupid things!
@LoveMeAlways :D: thank you for the feedback! I had no idea if tumblr would be difficult or not. Really, I was only going to do it there if I could customize the page enough, but I am really aiming for a personal website.

And to everyone else, thank you again for your understanding.
@s.s.: Thank you for the understanding! Yes, I will post here when I have a link to give everyone for the revised comic. I will also post it on the tumblr page specifically for the comic, as well!
Sorry again! I really was determined to see this thing through, but the more I thought about it, the less satisfied I was with everything. I know I can do better, and I want to do better if I'm going to invest what little time I have into this.
This means a lot to me, so I might as well treat it that way. I just wish I realized it back during chapter one, hawhaw.
Oh well. Live and learn.

Again, big apologies. But it will be worth it.
I am seriously working on that next page. I have been swamped by school, it pretty much sucks. I think I will have it done this week,hopefully. School ugh. It makes me wanna punch myself.

So um, I definitely havent abandoned this thing. Bearrr with me bawh.
@AahMaria: ??

@raziesgirl: Yeah, they have a weird relationship where they do their hair the same and just weird shit. Weirdos. Buuut, it won't be long before it's obvious what's going on. Hang in there with me! <333

@YukixKaname1: It is a terrible addiction, for sure! It's good you don't do it, although asthma can be a real ass. I dunno how your sister's boyfriend does it. I hate to rain on your parade but Levka stays an active chain smoker for years to come!

@RweyLing: Yes, it certainly has. This is a really experimental comic for me. It started out as something that was supposed to be sloppy, and easy, and all that. I just started taking it more seriously, and now I'm trying to figure out how I want to take it seriously, you know? I hope that's not a problem, but thank you for the observation, and the comment! If you have any critiques for me, go ahead and leave them too! I love to hear what works, and what doesn't!
Friendship is magic
@MomotheGreat: Lol, It'll become obvious pretty soon, I hope. Levka's mom likes to keep life saucy.

Also, you sure can if you think it's adorable enough for you iconage! I don't got no problem with that.
Gawsh I meant to have this thing done six days agooo.

I wanna say updates will be more regular after this, but I would prolly just be lying. Cause stuff is real hectic over here between school, and mommying it up.

But I'll tryyyy. As hard as my soul can muster!

I also decided to try out a more limited palette, wondering if it'd save me time. So that's what that swap up is about. I'm not sure if it did or not, so no guarantee what the next page will be like.
great jawb!
I just wanted to drop in and say how much I love your comic already! Its very dark so far and the characters are so well done. Theyre designs are so believable to me! I also love how you took this abusive situation and didnt glamorize it or make it seem sexy or good like a lot of comics on here do. I really feel bad for charles and I hate that whacko. I cant wait for them to get rid of that guy and escape. Hes stressing me outtt.

Also, whoever Naveen was he was a cutie he didnt look like a psycho. Bawh.
@Captain Apricot: I doooont know! I like to think Levka just beat her up cause he's violent and rude.
@BowBowBit: gawssh! Thank you so much. That makes me feel good.
Another update hoozah.

Levka stawp beating up your mom and throwing her in the tub you monster.
@LoveMeAlways :D: lol I miss Matt's hair too! It'll grow back though.

Also those are the nice guesses! Buuut I dunnnnoo. Matt would pee himself on that robe one.
@Shuyin111: Thank you for pointing this out! It's been a little bit since I updated, I guess I lost track of the page number. I fixed it though.

@redleaveshavefallen: Aw, thank you for the comment! I will keep them coming! <3

@Origami Onigiri: Thank you very much!

@Duskthekitty: Thank you!! I'll do my best to do so!(:
Oookay. I worked my butt off today. I didn't think I was going to get this done, but I showed myself. Sorry for the delayed update! But thank you for the kind words in regards to my lack of activity. I really appreciate the understanding nature of you guys.

You must be students too.

Point is, enjoy this whacky experiment, and we'll see you guys next update!

P.S. Gawsh 1003 followers, you guuuys. I never thought. Thank you so much!!
Hey, guys!

So, I haven't abandoned this for sure. I'm working on the next page. I just started back to school, and I'm a little overwhelmed right now. Between school, and personal life, I've just been swamped, and tired and blah blah blah.

I just wanted to say, I haven't abandoned this, and a new page should be up soon, I hope. I hooope when I get adjusted, I'll be able to manage time better, and pump stuff out more regularly.

Again, super sorry. I'm working on it though!
Lookit you doofus
HAYY. Wow, this took forever and I don't know how to draw houses, that's definitely something I should work on. I had fun though. I felt like a kid in school again drawing my box with a roof on it. I was like hurrhurhurr.


Another experimental page too. Hopefully the next few pages will be nicer cause good ol' Jetpack said he would help. Lets all cross our fingers or summin.
@YaoiGirl09: Hey! Thank you for the comment, and the compliment. I'm glad you've come on board, and hope you enjoy the rest of the comic as I finish it! (:
Yah, Matt's dad is rough around the edges. He gets better, though! Or.. wait. Maybe?? I'm not sure.

@+bird+: He sure is, but that's what builds character! Thank you! ;;

@raziesgirl: I love your feedback, I dunno if I've mentioned that yet, but this made me lol. I think you're figuring Matt out, at last. <3
This page was solo, which is why it took me extra longer to finish it. On top of real life stuff that keeps popping up. Annnyway, maybe I'll be on time next week or summin!
@raziesgirl : I don't wanna say to much, cause I like people to figure things out through the comic, but I really enjoy your observations! Thank you for commenting. I think Matt is gonna surprise you as things progress!

Also, Rupert isn't much older than Matt.