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myself: I don't know, the hardest person to know is myself 8)
Likes: reading, comics,drawing, sleeping, psychology
Dislikes: Hating, art theft
Hobbies: drawing, writing, reading, playing video games
Occupation: Graphic Designer and Illustrator
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Hey XD
I remember reading The Dreaming back when TP published it, I enjoyed the story back then! Glad that's continuing.
@alexisneo: it's not that badly drawn. It kinda reminds me of that village in the eastersand from ff12 : )
Page 8 Finally here!
Sorry for late updates. I have a really busy schedule. But not to worry as more updates will be coming along.
Wow I'm Back!
I've been gone too long. Well, I have finally updated so, hurray! ^^
Wow New page
It's been a long time since I update. Meh, nobody read it lol, but I still update XD hope you enjoy who ever read it.
Page 6
ok, i know, faces look crappy, but i'll improve later 8_3
Page 5
wonder how his face'll look like? I'm almost done with page 6 so yah...83 in the mean time enjoy!
Page 4
Yes let the story begin! woot!!!
Page 3
yes, same with this page. this is the last tiny timeskip until the next page where the story really begins.
Page 2
yes, i did a small little timeskip here. If i kept it when she was young, it will ruin the later chapters. Heh heh i love the uniform <3
Page 1
I made so many pages for page one and this is the one i liked the most.
Page Break
more detailed in white...AHH!!! my hand cramped...CURSE YOU CROW QUIL PEN NIBS!!!83
New Series
w00+ my new series! took a while to do the detail in white...TwT so tired
heh heh
Incest Moment!!! don't kill me =w=;
wow new update so fast?
well, enjoy. i didn't really like this page. But from here on out, things are going to be intersting. XDD
Last page update
pay attention to what she said to him. She's a little naive and doesn't know what she's saying is the truth. AWW me loves the last panel ^w^
Hirah enters the STORY XDD
Yay, my favorite character to draw over and over. Meet Hirah everyone! XD ain't she adorable. well enjoy.
Now do you know? XDD
now do you know? huh? okays, yes it's soooo dramatic and overly exaggerated. But, Yoshige is very insecure about her boobs b/c they are small and other girls her age are a bit bigger. So yes, this is a big deal coming from her brothers mouth.
Remember what i commented last page? Pay really close attention to their relationship. if you know what the answer is before page 10 say it now!!! XDDD

ok, in chapter one wich i completely forgot to mention way earlier is that you are meeting the important characters within this story, but i'm not giving up what or who. Right now I just want you to focus on Koichi's relationship with all the characters b/c it's important. Much more important is his relationship with his sister. Can you guess what else they are than just brother and sister? C'mon Guess!!!