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just a nb college student who likes to draw many things yea
hello hello i'm back with a short part of page 21! tbh i didn't plan on splitting this page into parts, but realizing that this page might exceed over 40,000/50,000 again i just think that i should upload this part first while i work on the rest of the page this month.
sorry if you expected a longer page tho but i'm working on the second part as quickly as i can (and it's like 3 times as long as this one hgofdg)-- thank you for being patient!

i will try to refrain from answering questions/theories regarding this page but still feel free to post those!

also to patrons-- i will charge for this page but for the next extra page, i will not charge for that one due to the short length of this page. thank you for understanding.
@Coax159: The latest update (v 1.2) has 10 endings and one hidden ending. If you downloaded the older ones, there's only nine endings and one hidden one. Made a guide that can help you get them if you need any help.
@SoraIndigo: The visual novel is basically a page 18.5 where you can read what the characters are thinking about. This game will not be covered by the comic, and you do not have to play this game since it doesn't affect the main storyline.
Not exactly a comic update but....
Click me to download the game!

I wanted to try out a visual novel maker called "Ren'Py" and after one month, I made this game :o This game takes place after page 18 of this nuzlocke and was made to help me pace the comic better annnnd help readers know more about some characters.

If you have any questions, please PM me on smackjeeves or go to my Nuzlocke Tumblr here!
I will work on the next actual comic update ASAP. Thank you and I hope you'll like the game!

Check out the Visual Novel page on my nuz blog!
I totally did not run on 3 hours of sleep while pulling an allnighter to finish this update......... Hope you like this long for no reason update with pretty much pointless dialogue to ensure that nothing bad will happen. Trust me, I am an expert u_u
also obligatory gurren lagann reference because a nuzlocke has to reference to it at least once, right?????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿
ALSO idk why the text font size got smaller along the way down........................ the cons of splitting the page into parts i guess fuuuuckk

Few notes:
-Goldenrod City was inspired by Academy City from To Aru. fite me on this......
-I dumped a bunch of my own gijinka ocs into this ass page and I die
-I caught Priscilla for that Bug Catching Contest in Goldenrod. Tbh her design is recycled from my old 2nd gym leader design years ago.
-i mean it's dat utah and squad............
Guess who's exempt from all finals and graduating next saturday? :'D Part D will be uploaded soon!
Page 17b random notes
Random notes:
-I tried to add a certain overlay/pattern to show that this is a flashback-- hope it works????
-Izak and Senna's parents left them when Izak was eight years old-- they were battlers who never had the time and effort to take care of kids, so they just left Izak and Senna in Elder Li's care and left.
-Esna and Sindri's last names (Nitanu and Samona) roughly translates to "right" and "left"
-Sindri likes to create blackouts at his school-- also he likes to shock himself because it feels good. He is weird but somehow my son
-wow who dat at the end tho :^)
Sorry for not updating for... 3-4 months? God I can't wait to graduate from high school... Hope you like this long but somewhat interesting update! Time to disappear into the abyss and
study for my finals OTL
tbh i should've just made this page 14 but eh too lazy to change the title atm orz enjoyyyyyy
bruh.... i worked on this page and slept at 8 am...... and took a bunch of naps today......
BUT HEY HERE'S A NEW PAGE?!!?!? ((i legit thought i was gonna upload like next week or something but stuff happened))
...since i'm like half brain dead atm, i am pretty sure there's typos everywhere on this page so feel free to point them out lmao

also head's up, next page is an extra page o/

edit: and btw no momo did not rip anyone's arms off in this update pffpf
@Guest: Changed the link so hopefully it'll work this time! :o
@andreya225: Changed the link so hopefully it'll work this time! :o
i'm still on hiatus y'all....................... trust me............................
it's just-- after doing homework and studying for a few hours, i have free time (well i make some by sleeping late bUT).
But ey, an update??? It's like almost 6 AM but it's ok because I am strong.

Had to split the page up again because page length issues. I didn't want to upload like a 40,000 px update lmao...
Not sure when I'm going to upload the second part because AP exams are coming up in three weeks.
I apologize for the quality drop in the backgrounds and some of the art-- I don't like rocks.
dis page is vague as hella
Fun fact: If I don't like a certain part in the story, I tend to a lot of humor into it so that I would like it more u_u
Just a thing I wanted to draw from NT2 :D
things dawgs
Annnnd here's the second part of page 12 haaaa :'D

Some notes:
- umbrellas man
- i couldn't add some panels because page 12 was too long... i'm gonna put them on the next page instead haha
- Sorry guys, Utah is a boxed team member like Jain the Spinarak, but he'll definitely show up later in the comic!
- I know that Silver's Gastly doesn't know Night Shade (which is bull crap) so I just let Damien know it for the sake of the comic.
- Franco is a shiny Koffing o/
- I like to ruin dramatic moments with comedy because I am a lil shit
- shh pretend that they know what a smurf is
- can i die now
Cameos: DoktorGilda and Angsturbator from Deviantart!
(Page 12 is split into two parts A and B due to a length issue) (Part B will uploaded in a few days!)
@silverumbreon: Ahhh thank you so much! I'm glad you are enjoying this comic so far. Yes I am not planning on giving up this nuzlocke anytime soon so hope you'll like the future updates!!

@willky7: Thank you so much! Hope you like page 11 (latest update)!
Building up for the next page haha... I wish there was more action in this page though but that can wait for page 12 ahhhh <3
Totally did not knock out Gabe for like seven pages *sweats* Also there's a lot of new side characters here, but don't stress yourself and try to remember them all. They won't appear much in the comic.

Also, evolution! Hayes evolved into a Bayleef- her design is pretty different because I really don't know how to make a decent Bayleef gijinka... (welp she didn't go through a lot of changes like how Noah did lmao). Erik's evolution was actually pretty quick and not that painful, so I didn't bother showing that scene//if Noah knows about that, he would probably throw a fit.