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I'm A. I like to draw all the time, most specifically when I should be learning something. Anime is cool sometimes, but not always. I'd like a career in comic making, but that's something far off. I'm eighteen and without license, and people keep telling me this. I might get a job soon. Or not. I also like to write, but not as much as I love doodling in the corners of my math notes. I'm terrified of wasps. Bees are okay as long as they mind their own business.
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    Aaron W. Kemper
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@Raine-chan: Thank you! :)
Sorry if the dialogue on the fourth panel is hard to read, I had to shrink this page a bit for smackjeeves.
Haha yes!
Universe Days

Due to the actions of an active goddess, certain objects have become available to select people. These talismans, finding their home on earth, have begun to choose their weilders.
A star keychain from a toy machine,
A dark star hair clip from a cereal box,
A ring from a novelty shop,
A stolen bracelet,
and countless others.
An adventure across all of the universe and all of time is about to begin.
May 31st, 2010
not the best page but atleast it'll keep the plot going
Yah! Shameless self promotion!

If ya like you can check out the comic at:

or not, it's really your choice!
July 17th, 2009
the scanner keeps cutting of letters!
July 8th, 2009
not dead
well, only a little. Atleast I got me some new pens!
i hate
i love this comic, favd!
dont know why, but this hurts my soul... try not to kill my stickmess guys m'kay?
boomerbuy, i mean seriously, boomerbuy? the name is boomerboy gdog, now get back to work on my stickmess comics!
omgwtf u r teh n00b! lolxorx

hi mk07! thanks for the update, took you long enough!
i love this