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Name's Tooch, used to go by Tezzle around here. Comic-artist/animator. I guess that's all?
I read those original first pages at LEAST a decade ago. In that time I went from a sober cis hetero male highschooler to...None of those things! It's been a hoot, tho Peter definitely had a lot more ups and downs than me...Which I think is for the best. Tho I Do wish I had a friend to teach me chess.

And as I continue working on the backlog for my first serious attempt at a comic since way back then? I hope in another decade's time I'll be able to look at what I've done and wonder if it was worth it, and have people who've been with me all that time assure me it was.

You sure as Hell did it, man! Keep doin' it. Or don't, tbh, you fuckin earned that. But I suspect nothing can ever stop you or something would have by now.
Better than coming early!

"For my next wish, I want you to Kill Kirby!"

@Starriko: You're welcome! Just enjoy yourself and do what feels right to you and it'll be good and find it's audience. I definitely told a few friends who love DBZ & Kirby about this comic and they also thought it was cool!
"You can probably tell that action is not my forte."

TBH I couldn't! I think you're doing great so far. Your poses are dynamic and communicate speed and power! Keep it up, dont be afraid to go nuts and have fun. I'm sure by the time you're done with this comic you'll be even Better at action than you are now!!

This comic grabbed me on the premise alone, but when you finally started posting story pages I was even More invested. I cant wait to keep reading!
Hey MY orientation is "suck my dick!" Finally I am represented...

*is lifted up into the light with a slide-whistle sound effect*
April 16th, 2018
Hoo wee...
Fun fact, when I first signed up for Patreon I thought THIS chapter was at-the-time the next chapter coming up. And I just kept forgetting to go catch-up whenever I'd realize "I Haven't read what's happening right now, this is Weird." So Finally the missing chunk of the story is filled in for me hahaha.
Real talk I was Legit mentally preparing myself to watch him OD and die like "Why Would Anything Good Happen At This Point?" mode hahaha God...
I'm not the type to "hate" a character since, like, you need people making bad decisions for any kind of realism or drama in a story, but like as someone in an open relationship I've Never Wanted To Swing Harder On A Drawing.
MAN if only Mulligan was in college nowadays. He could just do what I assume every post-grad campus dealer does and move to Colorado.

Of course MY dealer friend got there and just got a normal job and stays in his room and smokes. But...I have more faith in Mulligan. Seems like a go-getter, he'd have his shit selling like hotcakes at dispensaries in no time.
Truth be told I was anticipating something like this like YEARS ago and the tension never truly left. So this is...super crazy. Like "Welp you were right asshole, happy now?" Hahaha no...
Comments are back just in time for the entire readerbase to start screaming in fear hahaha dang!
Calling it right now:
I would never say no to Petunia~...
My first car, who I have named Peppy, is not doing so hot and I AM WORRIED THIS WILL BE HER FATE SOON BUT LOVE HER SO MUCH. ;___; I've had her for 5 years and have driven to Maine and back with her. <3
THE BAES! <333
(This is Tezzle, by the way, I changed my handle)
Welcome back, bro. You're a sight for sore eyes.....literally. It's 3AM and I've been staring at this screen all day holy crap I need to sleep. I DIGRESS, ITS GOOD TO HAVE YOU AND ADA BACK!
If she tells Seaweed to leave so she can fight then THIS IS SO TOTALLY DRAGONBALL Z WHEN GOKU GOES SUPER SAIYAN! I am getting those same vibes from Assistant. Chills.