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Hello friends! GOOD NEWS!

I will no longer be posting Taco El Gato comics here! They'll be available later in the future as I just got involved with a publisher. :)

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    Candy Briones
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@Vigor Mortis: I can tell! I leave my paper all soggy and I loose hope! :D
Really cool! Watercolors are tough!
Will there be a continuation of this...? 8D
Yeah! Yeah! Get 'em!
That guy is scary!
Aw, she was so misunderstood...
Aw, it's hard to be tough in front of a girl in situations like this, I' sure.
Oh no! He got itching powder on the BBQ!
I like the vampire sheep, they are so cute.
oh darn, Lemming! Now you got cursed! Stubborn like me...
Do those zombies not like to eat brains?
Wow, those boxers look comfy. I imagine they are very breezy!
Hey, it's the penguin! And also, the train is plummeting toward a snowy end! Noo!
Aw, Moo-ee was not a bad guy after all. :D
No! He sneezed on the BBQ!
XD All the little cows flying off!