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I'm going to go with the "maybe?".
Yah, the fourth panel is really cute. I like the last panel a lot, also. :3

ps: lol heart e's.
Mallory is amazing. :)
I love Gina's drawings. :3
This is pretty gay, but in a good way.
I believe that if you wore this shirt in public then you would cause quite the controversy.
Is that a lucky gay dance?
That's how I feel sometimes. Hahaha.
More nose bleeding action. More things should have nose bleeding action. Imagine being at a kid's show, and all of the actors started having nose bleeds.

Actually, now that I think of it, this is a bad idea.
Fabulous nose bleed.
If my job was like this, I'd never leave it. Haha.
This is reminds me of myself in the morning.
HaNeul is very cute in this one. :3
Hahaha, this page is so fabulous. I like it.
Great title. It makes perfect sense (now that I think about it, haha). Keep up the good work. :>
OH, THE SUSPENSE! I can't wait to see more. :)