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I like manga and summertime! D<

And baseball anime~ =w=
Ooo, how daring.
I've always been a too afraid to do that. xD
Maan, this page is so bland to meeee.
Oh well! I enjoyed drawing my Morde running away like a girl~
It was so weird drawing Mordeh without his glasses.
This page was... fun to draw. xD
So, I've updated.
Miiight update some more in the near future. =w=;;
Sup. This comic was revived by the Dragon Balls.
MAN, I had this page laying around my room for 6 months now. Shows how much I aspire to be a manga artist. Haha.
Enjoy my rusty tone skills. It has been a WHILE.

EDIT: FUNNY STORY. It's been so long since I've thought about this comic, that I've already messed up the number of the contestants stuffffff!
I randomly found a list of my characters and numbers, but apparently that was for something else.
I should correct this page.
EDIT EDIT: Page is corrected. :3
Thank you so much! ^^
Get the joke?
Meo is a cat girl.
Da ha ha ha.
God, Damien is such an intimidating uke.
But, he can be nice, I swear. TwT
And so, Dave forfeits the match!
Oh god
I did such a terrible job on this paaage.
But I felt so bad for neglecting this comic soo much coz it was a school project.

Oh well~ An update is an update. ^^;
Happy merry birthdaay~

Also, this is such a cute page! >w<
Good thing my 18th birthday is almost here. :3
I can't wait to read it.
I love this comic so much. >w<
Oh, why thank you, kind fan. T~T
You inspire me to work harder.
Not Dead!
Soo, it's starting to get ACTION-Y.
Enjoy mega gay Dameh-chuuu.
What a plain page! I couldn't think of any cool backgrounds for it... although now that I look at the first panel I can kind of see where I could've put something. Oh well! Maybe next time, ne?
And what's up with Mordeh!?
Such a personality change. He must really like to cosplay. xD
Oh, heey! I'm finally done with my senior project... I mean...
Dave and Meo are back from Hawaii. ^^;

God, I want to cut Shugo's hands off and put them in a garbage disposal. BUT WHATEVER. I DON'T CARE BECAUSE THIS IS AN UPDATE.
Enjoy... weird cosplay fighting action.
March 20th, 2009
This drawing is soo amazing. *o*
The perspective just blows my mind.
Thank you! I worked hard on it. x_x;
Yeah, that makes good sense.
Since pretty much nothing happened in the freaking chapter. xD
Aren't these supposed to be first? xD
I kind of put it off until now. x_x

I did some new shading technique. It was... alright I say.