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Hi all! I'm Cam, but you may call me KameHameHaC12!
Here is a list of my favorite stuff and some basic info about me!

Favorite TV shows:
Dragon Ball Z , Megaman NT Warrior, MedaBots, and other anime!

Favorite books:
The Dragon Ball Z and the Megaman Mega-Mix manga

Favorite games:
Dragon Ball Z and ALL Megaman Games!

Favorite gaming platform:
Any, it doesn't matter

Tools of the Trade:
Paint, Laptop

I am a spriter. I sprite for fun, to past the time, or for a DBZ game I am currently apart of.

So now I say farewell and God bless, until next time my friends...
KameHameHaC12 Out!
"Some goes for Roll."
Shouldn't Some be "Same"?
Bruh Jeremiah reminds me of James Avery from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Hello unlucky person, i'm Karma ^_^
good to see it's getting updated!
Omg this getting interesting!
no Bryce, please don't go...
I never would have
This is heating up!
*throws smokebomb*