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Can't wait for what's next!
Love this story! I can't wait to see what happens next! Hope to read more!
*shitting bricks
If we didn't know who he was I bet anyone would be pulling out a weapon right now. Magnus looks fricken terrifying!!! ..But the question is why? What's happening to him. Why is he different? Hmmmmm. Need more! ><
I guess food was too important, but I can't help but wonder what it was originally gonna do to her. Hmm.
Ooook then. Your Big Worm guy just got complicated. Hmm. Man I wish I knew more!
Holy CR**!!!
What the F***'s gonna happen!? AHH!! >< I can't wait for what's next!
Sh!t just got real~!
Are these things "protective' of their prey? Also why was it staring at her? Hmmm. Questions... :) I love it sooo much!
Oh~! Shit just got real! That thing means business.
It's not gonna like that!
Oh jeeze it's ear feel off! O.O
wow. I can't believe that Magicarp was able to keep up.
What about Rat? Will he be able to somewhat get up to Dragonthing's level ever? Or will he always be too low according to Brent?
July 19th, 2014
The bat likes him! ^///^
Yes, yes it did. ;)
I can't wait for what's next! :)
April 29th, 2014
While I'm sad that this comic is put in the 'cancelled' category, I'm also happy that you don't plan on forgetting it either. I wish you the best. :)
Leaving a trail of goo behind... Oh! I can't wait for what's next~. :3
Oh no! What's happening? :'(
She threw him down the hole~! XD
I lovedKuro's speech bubble! (.........) I also lose how Nato's face has this goofy smile on it! ;)