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Hello, I'm Midori, creator of The Search for Henry Jekyll and Heaven's Railroad.
As a head's up, the April Fools day page that was originally here can be viewed on the webcomic's Tumblr and Patreon!
@Ok i get it now their in:
At the moment, it's every Wednesday!
@indigoSnake: Sorry if it was hard to read! I was trying to show that Oswald was dealing with his own trouble in another room while Al is dealing with Lanyon upstairs.

I felt like it was better to show both scenes together because it would've been off if I went from on to the other.
Now that I see it, I get it's not the easiest to read.
@yakitoriqueen: Ok! Well, thanks for the input! I'm going to maybe try for a more simple web design in the hopes that that might get rid of all these problems. Sorry again!
@Tikibar: That was the intention, yeah!
@yakitoriqueen: Yeah, I've had complaints on that before. I will say they work for me but you have to click the text itself and not the image related (if that makes sense). I do plan to fix up some things when I actually have a moment to plan things out and that is one of the main priorities. Sorry again for the trouble.
@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: This page was such fun to do, I'm glad you liked it!
@Guest: Yeah, I had no real confidence with drawing him at first. I liked the design I first threw out for him but soon realized that I was terrible at drawing in consistently. I'm proud of how far he;s come since then.
@Tikibar: You and me there. I was really proud of it.
Cameo featured on this page is QuincySoulz! Thanks again and hope you like it!
@Rivkah F: Aw, glad you enjoyed them, they were really fun to draw!
Cameos featured on this page are Maribel, Ezra and Micah by Rivah F. Hope you like them!
@indigoSnake: To be honest, both Ann and Al looked like murderous little gremlins.
@EricCartmanforever: Honestly, "Emma" was sort of an accident. I was coming up with a name to ring well with Oswald and the original wasn't sticking. So I eventually found Emma and went with that. Ironically, it wasn't until after that that I finally learned about and dove into the musical. Also, I believe in the first version of it I listened to, she was named "Lisa", so it did take me a while to realize that she was Emma Carew in the musical too.
@Tikibar: To be honest, even now I think it's one of my favorites. Thanks!
@TheInkyRose: It's sort of a general reaction at this point.
Cameos featured on this page are Astrid and Cyrus by tai-korczak. Hope you like them!
More to Come Soon!

For new readers, updates are every 8 days- with the plan to switch to weekly updates as a tier on Patreon! You can also find early content, WIPs, concept art, etc there!
And for other art and info on TSFHJ, check out the Tumblr!

Thanks and see you soon!

Also, as a small warning, this page is temporary- so once this chapter is done, it will be deleted and placed after the next chapter. So any comments you make below will only last until then.