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Hello, I'm Midori, creator of The Search for Henry Jekyll and Heaven's Railroad.
@Guest: The worst thing is that she would.
@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: I had a feeling that you'd notice them
Toggy, you're doing amazing sweetie
@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: Waaaahhh, thanks dude ;u;
@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: Thanks! Poor guys were probably dancing together before getting interrupted ^^''
The cameo on this page is Gerald McDougal, provided by Emily Burke and created by Rebekah Ramsey. Thanks again!
The cameos featured on this page are Naveen and Klaus from My Master is a Naga, created by darkchibishadow! Thanks again for donating! boy
@Ohmythat’sanowl: No problem! Glad you like it!

Sorry that this is the only page this week, hopefully I'll have more time next week to provide more.
Cameo featured on this page is sketch-elf, hope you enjoy it!
Cameos featured on this page are Mick Merline by ohmythat'sanowl and Daemora by Toaster. Hope you like them!
Joe has the perfect face for "oh god, what happened between you two this time"
@Robert Jekyll: I always imagined that she had a deeper voice as an adult but is probably raising it during this whole event. That being said, she doesn't bother with it when just talking to Al.
@Guest: Daisy's blind so she can't see Oswald but she recognizes the voice- hence why Oswald won't let her touch her and find out from what she's wearing.

Also, Oswald isn't a trans man, just a woman who lived life as a man from her father's orders. If she choose to live like that and it wasn't her father's decision, I would've absolutely had her be trans.

I understand that some of this stuff can be a bit complex but I hope that helps.
@Guest: To be honest, he spends most of this story as such.
@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: I'd joke that I'm surprised but we both know that that's a lie.
Oc featured on this page's cameo is by Fiona Shampine! Thanks again!