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Hello, I'm Midori, creator of The Search for Henry Jekyll and Heaven's Railroad.
Small Note on October Updates
Hey all!

Just wanted to give a heads up that Octobers are usually very hectic for me and this one is likely to be far worse so TSFHJ will only update one page a week for the rest of the month. Sorry for the trouble but things should be back up to speed by November!
@Guest: Far too many.
UUUU thanks! It was a lot of hard work but I'm glad it paid off!
Welcome to the new chapter! Also, a little cameo of an OC of a patron! Hope you like it!
Finally, a reunion?
You'll know soon enough!

Also, expect some tweaks to the site inbetween now and next week's update. Thanks, and see you soon!
@tlb: Aw, thanks! Certain old style feel like they'd be a pain to replicate with modern tools, but I'm glad to know that it turned out alright!
And that's the end of Chapter 31! I know this chapter was super long in comparison to previous chapters but I hope everyone enjoyed it!
@Tikibar: Aw, thanks! It certainly was one of the harder ones to arrange so I hope it was worth it!
He's fine.

(No seriously, he's ok.)
As a head's up, the April Fools day page that was originally here can be viewed on the webcomic's Tumblr and Patreon!
@indigoSnake: Sorry if it was hard to read! I was trying to show that Oswald was dealing with his own trouble in another room while Al is dealing with Lanyon upstairs.

I felt like it was better to show both scenes together because it would've been off if I went from on to the other.
Now that I see it, I get it's not the easiest to read.
@Tikibar: That was the intention, yeah!
@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: This page was such fun to do, I'm glad you liked it!
@Guest: Yeah, I had no real confidence with drawing him at first. I liked the design I first threw out for him but soon realized that I was terrible at drawing in consistently. I'm proud of how far he;s come since then.
@Tikibar: You and me there. I was really proud of it.
Cameo featured on this page is QuincySoulz! Thanks again and hope you like it!
@Rivkah F: Aw, glad you enjoyed them, they were really fun to draw!
Cameos featured on this page are Maribel, Ezra and Micah by Rivah F. Hope you like them!
@indigoSnake: To be honest, both Ann and Al looked like murderous little gremlins.