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Hello, I'm Midori, creator of The Search for Henry Jekyll and Heaven's Railroad.
Cameo featured on this page is Jane made by Natalie M. Hope you like it!
@AJ: It's the second one. Though in all fairness, it didn't take her too long to get used to it.
So yeah- the mystery man was this guy. He was more of a fill in character for this purpose so there's not a ton to say about him. He first appeared near the end of Chapter 10 and was last shown at the start of Chapter 16. I did my best to drop vague hints of who he was (or at least that he was not Molly) but I fully understand why a ton of people assumed it was her. Sorry for the confusion.
@Who is under the mask?!: It's up to you. I will say in the next few pages I will post links to previous pages that might help so if you'd rather, you can work with that later.
@Kathy: They're closing the gate. In all fairness, it wasn't the best angle nor executed the best. Sorry about that.
Chapter 31 begins August 28th!
Al confronts Annmarie about the events of the past and her purpose here while Oswald handles the secrets below the manor.

Hope you look forward to it!
Also, the usual "More to Come" banner will return with the new update. It's always something that has to be deleted with the new chapter since I can't move it from chapter to chapter otherwise.
@IronDog: Aw, thanks! To be honest, action sequences always feel like the hardest to arrange, so it's good to know when they work!
A little bonus illustration for fun. The general concept was Al's outfit as a gown and Oswald's as a suit. Look forward to another bonus next week, plus the cover for Chapter 31!
Cameo featured on this page is Troy Walsch, created by LachrymostStory. Thanks again!
@Winter: Whoops
@Winter: Aww, thank you!
Cameo featured on this page is Lewis Weir, a character by A. A. Sekhon! Thanks again!
Suddenly clown
@Guest: The worst thing is that she would.
@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: I had a feeling that you'd notice them
Toggy, you're doing amazing sweetie
@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: Waaaahhh, thanks dude ;u;
@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: Thanks! Poor guys were probably dancing together before getting interrupted ^^''
The cameo on this page is Gerald McDougal, provided by Emily Burke and created by Rebekah Ramsey. Thanks again!
The cameos featured on this page are Naveen and Klaus from My Master is a Naga, created by darkchibishadow! Thanks again for donating!