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Hello, I'm Midori, creator of The Search for Henry Jekyll and Heaven's Railroad.
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@Guest: Al is a bastard of Lord Utterson (born from a messed up affair that happened between his mother and Lord Utterson. It's first mentioned in Chapter 5.) On top of that, Lord Utterson was murdered around the time Al left the Jekyll household and came forward as Utterson's son so many assume he killed him (this can be found in Chapter 14).
Hope that helps!
At least everyone else seemed to have a decent Christmas Eve...
@NomnomNami: Aww, thanks guys ;A;
If you don't remember this letter, you can find it back in Chapter 9
Oooh all the decor in the hallway looks awesome!
There's something there...
...that will never leave

(Decided to enlarge it in the end.)
I can't believe Zeggy's still throwing around his fake PHD. One day I hope someone actually asks to see it and it's just written with crayons.
You're welcome! It's so wonderful to hear how many people this story has impacted and I'm glad to know that you've met people through it!
Aww, thanks dude ;A;
I'm so glad to have gotten this far too and that's you've been supporting me through so much of it! Thanks again!
Thanks!! To be honest, my main pen for textures was used up just for this page.
Thank you so much for the past four years- it's been rough at times but I want to believe that it's been worth it!

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Once again, this comic was made by DarkChibiShadow! Thanks again!

Also, get ready for the short story coming this Monday to finish the 4th Anniversary celebration! See you then!
Our final Guest Comic is by DarkChibiShadow! who also does Space School!
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Out second guest comic was done by Michi!

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Our first Guest Comic for the 4th Anniversary of the series is by Tai-Korczak!

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And that's the end of Chapter 28!

The next chapter will be coming soon, but before that, please look forward to the 4th Anniversary Guest Comics this upcoming week followed by an official side story!
Yo, this page looks super cool! I love the way it transitions! You did a solid job on this!
This is a serious comic about murder.