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February 5th, 2012
love the quality you have in every single page. Amazing how you can keep it up :p they look like paintings!
poor innocent creature :< Taz please make more!
you're right p: idunno haha xD
go tazu go tazu XD excellent prologue! Can't wait for more!
great to see from you again! been a fan for some years reading scsc. Just thought of what you might be doing now. A new comic, whoo! 8D
Oh, and did i tell that the timing with the text and the frames are great?
Dang Taz, I'm so proud of you XD you made a complete detailed background..with perspective and all, It looks amazing gurl! And the story is reeeeally really catchy o_ò den lægger op til noget lækkert! *_* and love the detail with that turqoise haired girl XD i know.. It's some kind of singing game isn't it? <__>

I'm her friend hahah, I'm her friend! XD
May 23rd, 2008
*keeps pushing next button*

liek whut?! :(
Me and my bro was almost dying cuz of that last joke in the corner. This comic is getting more and more intertaining! <333 I LOVE IT!!!!! XDD and i love paris and van Aerden :'D