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I live in Little Rock, AR, love drawing, and am best friends with Quirby64_:D. I love Starbucks and Khan Academy and play Minecraft under the name SuperAmeriCrafty. I have an older brother with autism, too!
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Well, I guess Aqua the Hedgie got a cameo...
@DarkNut255: Kirby, Kirby, varied, right?
@Estarflame: An Inversian is someone from the country of Inversia, and they are one of, if not the weakest magic users. You can now see he's an Inversian by his inverted eyecolors (hence the sunglasses)!
March 1st, 2014
(connects) Van Helsing? As in one of the guys who helps kill Dracula in the book? COOL!
@diceknight, Well, I'm loving these! Rereading all of your comics today!
Wow, this comic is coming along quite nicely!
Update due. Update due. Update due. Update due. BEEP BEEP BEEP MEOW BEEP BEEP BEEP MEOW BEEP BEEP BEEP MEOW BEEP... (WootLabs reference -- comic's right here:
Next comic = 100th comic! Maybe... epic-amazing-HUGEart-hunderth-comic-party-I'm-in?
I kinda sorta looked it up... and there were no results...
Um... I don't think Morphus is supposed to talk...
I've been waiting all week for an update! This is SUPER REALLY EXTRA funny! Do you handdraw these comics or do you do it on the computer? And my brother made me watch/listen to Daft Punk's Techological - great music, CREEPY. ROBOT.
:P This comic is good, but... where do you get these sets? Plus, +fav!
@Luigi_96: And put the robot tigers through the recycling plant!
I might want to join this comic...
You should make a Book of Minecraftian webcomic!