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I just found this comic today. It looks really interesting! Looking forward to reading it!
Nice to meet you! Thanks for taking on this challenge and continuing this great story!
Too cute!
Well... this doesn't seem healthy unless Julie manages to come to grips with the reality of the situation through this. She needs to let go of the little boy she thought she knew, because that little boy was a fantasy. He never existed. Alexander was always a false persona forced on Alexis. I thought she was more her real self around Julie when they were younger actually, but perhaps my memory of the earlier chapters is foggy. It's clear that Julie never quite got the picture though.
Hmmm... there seem to be three of this page...
Called it! :)

While this has the potential of backfiring by making people think about their assumptions about Emily's sexuality, the name Rain used (Ryan), and the Prom King debacle and come up with the idea that Rain is really a cross-dresser like Rudy and really a guy, which would also explain Rudy dating her briefly in many of their minds. That might lead to her needing to come out as trans to quell rumors about her being an impostor because she is living as a girl. The fact that she is taking hormones would be sufficient in most cases to show that she is not, but that wouldn't be understood by the kids. Hopefully, with the other f/f couple in the school there close by, they will be accepted as just a couple of girls dating. Emily seems to be intent on breaking down the last vestiges of her old image anyway, so she could always reveal that she has dated both boys and girls in the past...

Have a restful hiatus, until the time for rest is no longer and it is time to get some pages done so you have a good buffer! LOL! :)
Now would be a good time to kiss your girlfriend...
August 21st, 2019
My take on Dad's side of the conversation... from a Dad's perspective:
"Did I catch you at a bad time?"
"With Jandi?"
"How're you doin'?"
"I'm hangin' in there."
"So, I was thinkin' it was about time we had a nice family dinner..."
"Maybe Sunday?"
"And bring yer girl if she can make it! I'd love to get to know her."
"Hey, I get it. She's got her own life. But I'd like to meet the girl who swept my flying fighter off her feet. No pressure though."
"I'll let you get back to lunch. Love ya, kid."
Explain the game... hit on you... same thing basically...
I just hope Aidyn doesn't get all manly on Ruby/Rudy because they're dancing together...
Yeah... right... Keep telling yourself that, dude! Your feelings don't determine anyone else's feelings. If you persist in believing they do, well, that's not a healthy way to think.
Sometimes you have to apply your hints with a sledgehammer.
Well, it would most likely out your relationship to the school... Girls dance together sometimes when they aren't romantically involved as well, but in this case the assumptions ARE correct, so it's a matter of whether the two of them are ready to go public with their relationship. It seems like one of them is...
August 2nd, 2019
Now her girlfriend's gonna make her wish she'd kept it... *smirk*
Kind of an uplifting experience.
June 17th, 2019
Gavin swoops in with the winning solution!
@DragonFan: It's updating on other sites.
One Kissed while drunk missing
Hmmm... This is missing the "Kissed while drunk" link between Fara and Heather... :)