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Melissa Payamps | Feb 7th | B
New York City based illustrator

Fashion Institute of Technology
Major: Illustration | Spring 2013
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    Melissa Payamps
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Love the new layout! You were always very good with graphic design. The colours give a nice pop to the black and white.
Re: Noelle
Pocari Sweat is kind of like Gatorade
End of chapter two!

Thanks for all the comments! I don't respond often but I do read each and every comment. Comments always give me a push to do more pages <3
Start of chapter 3~!
Guys call their older sisters Aneki and older brothers Aniki.

Girls and young children refer to their older sisters as Onee-san and older brothers as Onii-san.
It takes a lot to say no to face like that.
This whole comic looks so well presented and professional! Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more.
Sorry for the unannounced hiatus. My craptop got a virus and I couldn't run PS without major lagging. I used my left over student loan money to buy the Adobe Master Collection. I installed it on my brother's desktop so I can only use it when he's not on. But it's better than nothing! Look forward to more pages!!
These are the twin guardians of the shrine. They are still children so they don't do a very good job.
Thanks for the comments and faves!
Please look forward to chapter two~
One more page left in this chapter!
Two more pages left in this chapter!
Made a typo or two on this page and I'll fix it eventually...
My brother said the guy on the bike looks like a thumb XD
Such a lovely friendship.
Run superstitious hooligans run!
Fight scenes are hard to draw OTL
Worked 5 nights straight. Met up with Bibi on Sat and she nudged me to do more pages.
Changed Shiba's character design.
Not sure if you can tell, but the teacher is the Kai from our previous series.