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Ummmmm.....I love and want to support my Girlfriends webcomic ^^
Looks good with the Tablet.....I Guess I choose number 3?..... he FMA looking one... lol
Looks Good, your coloring is getting alot better yobo
Sex? Ummmmmmm.....Maybe...Something Ghosty? Good Work^^
Interesting the colors look good, I'm no just wondering whats going to happen next, keep up the good work!
^ My message opps wasn't logged in >.<
Love it, Looks really good!
Great work ^^, Keep it up Yobo!
Very Well Done, Keep up the good work!
Silly but Ironic? She Needs to Stop Hiding Secrets! O.o;; Good luck Little Fox Boi!
Wait O.o;; This is Strange! Be good at the same time can't wait to see what you two authors come up with!
Lol So Evil and Seductive
Good Art Work, Cute Concept. Your Work is Getting Better and ?better keep up the job Yobo!
Secret! I wanna know! SECRET! Anyways the Drawings are awesome as always. This is a good Story ^^
Fun Fun, Hope the Date will go Well ~
Keep up the good work Yobo!
Happy 4th of July ^^ I hope you had a good one. keep up the work with your comic ^^
Hand Written seems a lot better to me... just because the typed kinda throws off the from the drawings.
3 In One Night Stand xD
Lol its getting good your work is turning out really well. The mom and Dad look really nice people... Not like his Vision. But Keep up the good work ^^
Keep up the Good Work Besu ^^

Lol whenever anyone does the inside visions of characters it makes me laugh =P Good work!