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    lol no
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Yep, couldn't think of a good title for this one :P
One of the pluses about using Paint.NET is that I can have better visual effects now. Enjoy.
@Gabriel: *whistles innocently...*
Decided to attempt to finish this storyline after rereading the first 85 strips of this comic.

You may have noticed that the speech bubbles have changed yet again. This is because this is the first strip to be made on Paint.NET rather than MSPaint. Only time will tell if I decide to switch back to the old system or keep this one.

To all the people who are somehow still fans of this comic after the two to three year hiatus, thank you for your patience and I apologize for taking so long... I hope you can forgive me.
@Petalmeat299: Something...
There, I said it :P
Back to updating this thing again...
After more than a year of hiatus, I'm starting this silly thing back up.

The first things you'll notice are the new speech bubbles. They certainly look a lot nicer than they did.
Reimu's evil laughter in panel four looks so horrible. lol
Hiatus is over! Hooray!
Yay, I finally got back to updating!
And that's why Marisa can pull a broom out of her pocket in this webcomic...
Sorry for the lack of updates for the last two days. I was quite busy.
Well that argument was rather pointless...

Also, I just love the expression I gave Rumia in the last panel.
Beware: If you don't like spring, Lily White will find you...
Yup, all that was just a ploy to get her to leave.
Ugh... There ended up being way more text in that last panel than I anticipated...
In case you are wondering where the pencil and paper came from, it was in Star's pocket.
I couldn't think of a title for this one either...