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Your art is really pretty!
May 15th, 2008
I just found this comic today.
I really love your style!
Also Mr. Dolle is such a cool character xD
Keep it up!
Your style is really nice.
I also like the textures used on every page. Keep it up!
I love the style~
It looks really interesting!
Yay an update! xD
Creepy girl is cool.
xD Hahaha, nice.
I like the second panel. She looks like she is so in shock.
Your style is really pretty!
The story is interesting!
Hahaha xD.
This page is so funny!
I love your style. The expressions are really funny.
I love your comic. xD
The Prince is so insane!
Keep it up!
I want to know what happens next!! =O
Really nice comic you have there. I really like the contrast in your comic. Great art too =]
November 15th, 2007
I love your comic.
Got hooked onto the story xD.
Your art is really pretty.
Keep it up!
xD.... That's a lot of tears. Haha. It's so cute.
Haha, "I'm asleep and not listening to your phone call." xD
You've got an interesting beginning so far. Keep it up!
Beautiful style!
The story is really interesting!
I'm looking forward to read more.
Pretty style!
The story is interesting so far.
Keep it up =]
November 6th, 2007
I really love your style!
The story is really interesting!
Keep it yup!
September 26th, 2007
I love how you apply tones. Can't wait for more!
Your art is really nice. The lines are so smooth! Great work. The chibis are so funny xD
xD So funny. The guy is a bit creepy. The colors are really nice. Great work.
Your toning skills are amazing. I'm looking forward to read more.