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August 16th, 2014
Am I the only one who thinks Aldi's finally found his manipulative side :D
Just a small correction. It should be true and not truth.
@ Lana
I completely agree with you Lana.
First, That Ass!!!!
There are some grammar and spelling mistakes. I'll point them out:
-panel 1-socieNty
-panel 2- lying in my throat doesn't sound right. It's better to say lying to my face
-panel 2- first deceiving is misspelled with an extra E
That's it :)
He must be having the best day of his life, all those hands... XD
Haha randomly clicked on your tumblr and found out we were born 2 days apart, same year :D I'm on the 20th. Fun fact lol
Oh don't be embarrassed. Don't you know your fans are perverts and want you to draw more smut? :D
You know, these unfinished sketches are actually very useful for people like me who don't know how to start drawing people. It would be awesome if you can leave some on so we can study them and use them as reference. <3
I must say how much I love your perfect drawings of the characters. They might be even better drawn than in the manga.
Oh no! How's he going to have smexy times with him outside the bath tub!!! Oooh the horror!!!
Eep! I'm such a sucker for romance! <3
Of course he's not gonna go! Now he has a reason to stay! And oh my, what a fine reason he is....
Is the yellow colour supposed to be Jetii blushing? So cute <3
I'me meltiiiiiiiing... This is getting better and better! <3
I love seeing how art develops over time. Your art is no exception. It's getting better compared to the first pages <3
Finally! He's so shy it's so cute <3 I hope Chip returns his feelings or at least gets to develop feelings for him as time goes.
ahahhahhah love the forward skip :D
April 4th, 2014
Haha because the comic is black and white i always forget he has green hair :D
Love the soft tones of your colouring!
Haha love the blush and the hand print :D