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I like to procrastinate. (If possible)
I live in SE Asia.
I hate the weather. (Most of the time)
And I'm a vampire. (Naah, I just like staying up late into the night.)
More info on my news post.
More info can be found on my news post. Sorry people.
Welp, it's not a comic page, sorry... (cos the next page is sitting on my drive waiting to be toned and text added)
But purely I just wanted to draw the two of them together after all the little artsies I've seen of couples. Will try getting the next page out soon.
O.O Ohhh.... she's blonde! With curls! Reminds me of one of those western dolls.
May 8th, 2014
Uh... yeah, I'm alive.
I was looking at some pretty artwork recently and decided to finish this page I had started nearly a year back.
Soooooo... yeah... need sleep now.
Seriously creepy the way Circes has all her boy-toys dress a bit like Kane... =__=;;
Sooo... just wondering, the "brothers" that Nicolli talked about having in the beginning of the story, are figments of her imagination?
July 6th, 2013
@ShinkuNoAme: Thank you! I shall do my best! ^___^
July 6th, 2013
An update. Wheee... the main project my company has been working on is finally complete. (On my part anyway)
So I've finally got some breathing space and time to me. There's other work that's come in, but that won't be as time consuming thankfully. At least until the next big project starts.
It's times like this when I sort of wish I could just plug my brain into the computer and what I wish was drawn would immediately show up.
I really am more interested in drawing the part where Rishon goes to see the recital than the next few pages after this. (=___=)
Oh yeah... and maybe somebody to bounce ideas off would be nice. Sigh...
The lizard is hilarious. XD cute.
I'm sort of interested in why he isn't wearing a mask anymore...
And the interaction between kitten Cosimo and Papa. XD
@yal: Nope, not a Mary Sue (geh, please no) but I would have liked her better if she had put up a bit more of a fight when she got caught, twice.
The "Please help me, sir" had me rooting for the guy to throw a chair at both her and the villain.
(As I said, brain gets the whole plot point and their characters, but if there's a dark broody character versus the sunny optimist (that's what Chie seems like to me atm), yeah- optimist gets the dislike from me. (I'm a pessimist is why. ^^;;)
@Maaria: The part where she got caught. Lol.
I think it's a habit of mine where I instantly dislike the 'damsels in distress' especially if they got caught due to their own carelessness. (Yep, I know she's still a trainee, but my brain doesn't care)
Oh yeah, just as a confirmation, are the spots beneath their eyes a trait from the ghost virus?
Did we mention he's taking meds on an empty stomach as well? Hurry Castalia! XD
Out of curiosity, how old is Cosimo at the moment? He looks like he's 2 or at least over a year.
Love the story but I have to say, I dislike Chie. She makes me want to whack her head hoping some sense gets knocked into her.
I await the reunion between Kane and his family. Seeing as how he's been in a bad and depressed mood, I'm anticipating his reaction once he learns Castalia is on board. XD
May 5th, 2013
@SkarletFeather: Sorry, while I am still working on the comic, my job has kept me from doing any actual drawing. See my rant on the next page. But I'm glad you dropped by. Thanks. :)
May 5th, 2013
Just a quick page update. Yeah, I've not updated any of my comics in a looooong time, but real life is very busy and money always comes first when you need it to live. I work practically 14 hours a day sometimes 7 days a week. Any spare time goes to sleeping. My company boss is a slave driver, so I apologize to all the readers who have been waiting.
I've still got another month of slavery before the project my company is on ends. We'll seen after then. I haven't had any time to draw.
Now, it's time to sleep as it's a workday for me despite the government announcing a public holiday. (=_=) (see what I mean? slavery)
I'm actually wondering what Itzak's reaction would be to seeing his aunts especially when they're supposed to be quads. Din din multiplied. Lol.