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*sits back to get ready for tomorrow's fireworks
@SWSU-Master: 2 out of 3 seasons though. Generally returning players are supposed to be better than that.
What's up with the pattern of returning players being ejected?
Starting to feel some "villain of the season" vibes from Angelo
Brandi!! You got this! Just go talk about your suspicions with Bradley.
@SWSU-Master: Well I'm sure not getting stabbed helps at least a little bit,
@anime9001: Bonnie/Clydia technically counts as the returning player though, while "Sarah" is technically a new character.
Yay! Scott wasn't the worst, but his arrogance got to be a bit much. Now we just wait for the ticking time-bomb of rage that is Vinnie. I was hoping we would be able to see something happen tonight, but now when it does happen, you can bet it will be memorable.

Also, is anyone else noticing some parallels between Vinnie and Tyson from Blood vs. Water? I'm really starting to feel like Vinnie will win this season.
I'm thinking that it's going to be Scott. He's gotten very boring this episode in a way that makes it feel like it won't get better. Plus, He's my least favorite on this tribe.

And I have to disagree with everyone about Vinnie playing the idol. Vinnie is too smart to just go into a blind rage. He's plotting something big. I have a feeling that we will see a whole new side of Vinnie tomorrow.
@dat4yc: Or his revenge actually works, but he doesn't know what to do next because he never got that far.
@SWSU-Master: I wish she would have phrased "He had it coming!" Then we could have had a great musical number with Thorne, Bonnie, and Tia as the one who says she is innocent.
Another great challenge. Pretty sure that Brandi is leaving.
Great challenge! Also, if they vote out Riley over Rosella, I will be mad and will enjoy watching them go to every tribal council.
While this tribe is strong physically, I don't think they stand a chance if the challenge is trivia.
Tialayla and Riley need to stay. Rosella, do something to destroy your game.
Damon's second line in the first panel was perfection.
I'm starting to get over the whole "winner's edit" thing. It was only good the first time because Eli is a spaz. That being said, I think Eli will be getting eliminated.
Really want to see that blazing inferno power fist again.
Knots are overrated. My guess is that Lewis is leaving. The family relationships seem pretty important to this story. I feel like we've seen all of that from Lewis and Brandi, but I still feel like Eli and Cassidy have more to offer.

Also, question for SWSU: Do they not win immunity until they grab the star? If it was a close challenge, could the other team steal it at the last second?