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I like video games and go to school. Not a lot more to say, is there?
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Now I'm freaked out.
What. The. Heck?!
What just happened?!
Runt should have kept the photo for proof he was Revan*. Besides, chicks dig the University Degree, they don't care about the specifics... (Sith Lord Class? Hmmm...)

*In Kotor 1 after you found out you were Revan, if you told anyone they would laugh and sometimes attack you.
Yes... Yes!
Wow. He's more evil than Malak!
I only know who he is by accident... I looked up something on Wookiepedia...

Funny, but we haven't gotten a new one in a while...
You don't HAVE to say Dunn Dunn Dunnnn...
It's implied. You did hire a sound effects guy, right? RIGHT?

5.1 Stars
Hilarious. I love it!
All that maintenance I gave him... how'd I miss the milk tank inside of..? It makes perfect sense now...
I notice an error!
The speech bubble in panel two is pointed at Juhani. From what I see, it should be pointed at Candy.
I had an apprentice once...
His Jedi name was "ettil hctib". Don't feel sorry for him, he really was.
That's funny!
"I expected them to get rid of you for me!" Just hilarious.