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he makes me think of a angry marsuppilami x'D
December 20th, 2013
wow, really neat x'>
Lol, I'm not so sure that will help x'D
Nice guys, leaving him when he's having a nightmare D:
The page still looks good :'>

Hm...maybe...It's Santa ;u; it is snow outside (after all x'P)
Or it's Mister.cow :'> (hoho)
To bad you don't make this anymore x'P
I bet she's playing Digimon Masters Online! >:'O
I don't know what's worse.. that he kills randomly.. or that he does have a purpose behind it? D:
Looks much better than before, looks more unique than when you had like vampire knight eyes.
I'm glad to see you've developed :'> Maybe it's time for a change of banner too? ^^
August 13th, 2013
Well derp, it's not like he's helping him with them x'D

Over a year!?! OAO'
thhis looks good, the previous pages were so light that they were hard to see sometimes x.x'
August 13th, 2013
hm.. no offence, but I first thought his ....over...lip(?) were a mustache xux'''
I were like "Wait! How did he grow that so fast! OAO'"

other than that I think the page looks good ^^
You should get a fish or bug at lvl 100 and not evolve it, people will be like pff! Bug!/Fish! then..WHAM!! It kills every one x'D
@TriaElf9: hehe, I like it very much, you're talented :'>
Then just before the prince is about to leave he can't help but to wonder about the pile of blood under the nose of his guest x'D
Hm.. Do they absorb data as well? :'O
This will be great to read<3
I've always loved Peter Pan.. but I find the story rather sad.. ówò yet.. I'll be happy to read it, it already looks promising ^^
Haha x'D He should just have went out of the room pretending not to see him, he just made it worse for himself x'D
Well if he didn't die in the coma, Draco will fix that when he gets his hands om Tommy x'D
....some how.. I thought Jude were a girl D: x'D
Smart answer.. but watch it, she might destroy something else instead D: