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Rawr =3 Go me!
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Never Heard of the Comic
The Fourth Wall is the boundary between the comic's plot, and reality... An example of a comic that breaks the Fourth Wall in Bob and George... Article explaining the Fourth Wall...
What the crap do you mean 'A Wanna Be Fourth Wall'...
The Fourth Wall refers to a device used in all comics, and it's broken in some... You'll the importance of it in a bit...
I hope he figures it out soon
He better figure it out soon, because I'm pressing the 'start story' button REALLY soon!
A Fellow New Comic Strip Maker!
Ello, I'm reading this because we both start our comic strips in the same couple of days, and I sense Sonic is about to regret jumping out there. Nice comic!
Dangit Brat
Enough of teh fillers, we want comics!