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Never Heard of the Comic
The Fourth Wall is the boundary between the comic's plot, and reality... An example of a comic that breaks the Fourth Wall in Bob and George... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_Wall Article explaining the Fourth Wall...
What the crap do you mean 'A Wanna Be Fourth Wall'...
The Fourth Wall refers to a device used in all comics, and it's broken in some... You'll the importance of it in a bit...
I hope he figures it out soon
He better figure it out soon, because I'm pressing the 'start story' button REALLY soon!
A Fellow New Comic Strip Maker!
Ello, I'm reading this because we both start our comic strips in the same couple of days, and I sense Sonic is about to regret jumping out there. Nice comic!
Dangit Brat
Enough of teh fillers, we want comics!