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Likes: Manga/anime, books, dogs and cats, nature, my friends, indigo, chocolate and ramen.

Dislikes: Commercials, cellphones, preps and posers, too much TV, pink, mayonaise and peanut butter.
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STAY TOGETHER, YOU TWO! *shakes them*
Sad ice cream is sad.

And, oh look, two guys are making out.

Kekekeke...Kuro-tan's adorable, but that smile of his is pure evil seme!uke smirk. >:D
Where exactly is your hand straying in that second to last panel? And is that why Kuro-tan is blushing?

My guess is that Mama is a (drum-roll, please...) SECRET SEME! *shock and horror!*
Prolly fainted from shock...
...I mean, I think that's more than Kuro-tan's ever said before. EVER. Kinda scary.

For a while there, I thought he was mute! ^^;;
June 29th, 2008
Yay for crossdressing parents. I only wish I had one. D:

Yay for stalking your comics!
~Marlin's Inner Mind Theatre~
"BIATCH, don't be mackin' on mah man!"

~This concludes Marlin's Inner Mind Theatre~
Holy crap, it's a lion-
-fish, get in the car!

Dude, beautiful plumage! Er...whatever you call the stuff sea witches wear. ^^;
I grant u a weesh...
Any weesh u want.

Heh. Sorry. ^^;

Anyways, loving this comic so far! *runs off to read more*